10 Differences Between a Normal Kid in 1990s & a Strawberry in 2010s

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There’s a reason why people think that the younger generation is getting weaker—of course, we’re not talking about all of them, but given how they are treated nowadays, you can bet that you’ll have seen at least one 2010s kid who will most likely grow up to have a strong sense of entitlement.

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Was it different in the 1990s? Hell yeah. Read and decide whether you agree.

When a kid didn’t do his homework

The 1990s: The teacher would call the parent, and the parent would cane the kid at home, and even encourage the teacher to cane the kid in school as well.
The 2010s: The teacher would ignore it because if he calls the parent, the parent would complain to MOE.

When a kid fools around in a shop

The 1990s: The sales assistant will scold the kid, and the parents would apologise to the sales assistant then cane the kid at home.
The 2010s: The sales assistant will politely tell the kid not to fool around, and the parents would come out of nowhere, scold the sales assistant and sometimes throw money at the sales assistant.

When a kid falls down on the street

The 1990s: The parents will scold the kid for being careless, and sometimes even cane the kid.
The 2010s: The parents will send the kid to A & E even when it’s just a bruise.

When a kid wants to buy a new toy

The 1990s: The kid will beg at the shop and the parents will walk off. They will come back, usually with a cane.
The 2010s: The kid will beg at the shop and the parents will buy the toy—iPad, we mean—immediately.

When a kid is bullied by his classmates

The 1990s: The kid will tell the teachers and his parents, and they all tell him to stand up for himself or continued to be bullied
The 2010s: The kid will post a status update on Facebook and tell his parents. The bully will be shamed online and punished.

When a kid experiences bad service in a restaurant

The 1990s: The kid will tell his parents, and his parents would tell him that it’s not easy being a waiter
The 2010s: The kid will tell his parents, his parents would complain and Stomp the restaurant. The waiter loses his job and the kid is happy.

When a kid hates a teacher in a school

The 1990s: The kid will scold the teacher, get punished and tell his parents. His parents will cane him for being disrespectful.
The 2010s: The kid will complain to his parents, and the teacher gets fired.

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When a kid looks for a part-time job

The 1990s: The kid goes to all shopping malls and asks every single shop whether they’re looking for part-timers.
The 2010s: The kid tells his parents, and the kid will have ten offers waiting for him.

When someone complains about the kid

The 1990s: The parents will cane the kid even before knowing what happened. T
he 2010s
: The parents will shame the complainer online even before knowing what happened

When the kid grows up…

The 1990s: The kid is strong
The 2010s: The kid is weak.

Do you agree?

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