10 Different Types of Durians to Know of Since They’re So Cheap Nowadays


Last Updated on 2023-06-29 , 2:16 pm

The Fascinating World of Durian: Types, Varieties, and the Best Picks

Welcome to a tantalizing exploration of the world of durian types, the king of fruits that rules the hearts of many in South East Asia. For the uninitiated, this spiky fruit is a phenomenon. With a multitude of durian types to explore, you’ll find a durian type to love, be it the Musang King or the d88 durian. These fruits are as different and delightful as the places they originate from.

Embracing Different Types of Durian

For those living near the equator, the arrival of durian season is akin to a festival. From the bitterness of the XO durian to the milder flavors of the d88 durian, there’s a durian variety to suit all taste buds.

Durian types broadly fall into two categories: bitter and sweet. While there are hybrids offering a mix of both, it’s common to have a preference for one taste over the other. If you’re still figuring out your preference, worry not. The journey to find the best durian variety for you is as exciting as the destination.

Unraveling the Types of Durian: Top Picks from Thailand and Malaysia

In your quest to find the durian type that hits the sweet (or bitter) spot for you, you cannot miss these ten all-stars hailing from the durian-rich regions of Thailand and Malaysia.

Musang King or Mao Shan Wang

Heralded as the ‘crème de la crème’ of durian types, the Musang King variety is a symphony of rich, creamy, and layered bittersweet taste. Spotting the real thing is easy: simply check for the unique star shape on the fruit’s bottom.

XO Durians

XO durians are distinctively soft, almost watery, with a strong bitter taste. Named after the alcoholic drink XO, they exude a fermented flavor giving an almost alcoholic impression.

D24 Durians

The D24 durian was the superstar of the 90s. This durian type is known for its creamy texture and distinctive bitter taste.

Black Thorn

The Black Thorn variety, primarily grown in Penang, has deep, rich yellow flesh that’s sweet and custardy. The fruit gets its name from its darker thorn tips.

Red Prawn or Udang Merah

The Red Prawn stands out with its unique orange to red-hued flesh. The taste depends on the tree’s age: younger trees yield sweeter fruit, while older ones produce more bitter fruit.

D88 Durian

Among the different types of durian, the D88 durian stands out for its mildness. It boasts firm and dry flesh that is slightly sweet, offering a softer landing for those new to durian tasting.

Tawa or D162 Durians

This durian type has almost white flesh, with a mildly bitter taste, lots of flesh, and small seeds. Its light and creamy consistency is perfect for those who prefer less sweet or strong-tasting durians.

Golden Phoenix or Jin Feng

This variety has a pale white color and a watery texture that some might mistake for rot. However, others are drawn to this unique texture and the strong smell that comes with it.

Tracka or Bamboo Durian

Often called the Queen of Durians, the Tracka is prized for its consistent quality, soft texture, and bitterness that isn’t overpowering. It’s a rarity as it’s not widely grown.

Hor Lor Durians

Hor Lor durians attract those who prefer a slightly drier consistency in durian flesh. Originating in Penang, its flesh is also sweeter and less pungent compared to other durians.

Embark on a Journey through the Best Durian Variety

In the same way that one can be a wine or food connoisseur, one can become a durian connoisseur. The durian types mentioned here are just the tip of the iceberg. Ingenious durian breeders are constantly developing new varieties to savor. With each type of durian offering a unique taste experience, there’s a world of flavor waiting to be discovered.


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