10 dog-friendly places in S’pore you can bring your best furry friends to this weekend


Last Updated on 2020-12-11 , 3:22 pm

The weekend is coming up and it’s time to spend some quality time with your doggy friends! After being busy for a week, you want to pamper the little pooch who has been sitting at home awaiting your return everyday so what activities can you and your furry one indulge in and have fun at the same time? Check out my suggestions below and you can be sure of a smashing good time this weekend that will leave you and your doggy looking forward to the next one!

Pet cafes
This is the simplest to think of of the lot for obvious reasons maybe because I’m guilty of this too. Because I live in the west, I frequent this café at Turf City’s Sunny Heights called Ah B Café. This is the doggy café. They have a human café just next door and the food is really not too bad. Look out for the 3 really adorable Bull Terriers while you are at Ah B café though! Really sweet little things.
There are several other pet cafes in Singapore that are worth mentioning and worth checking out too if you are around the vicinity like Open Farm Community, The Green Door, The Coastal Settlement, Sun Ray Café, Colbar, Cornerstone, Brussels Sprouts. You can find out more about them individually through their own websites and customer reviews.

The beach
There are a few options for this namely Sentosa, Pasir Ris Park, East Coast Park and West Coast Park, with Sentosa possibly being the most popular because of the proximity to dining and wining establishments for the humans.

Beachside cafes and restaurants
A link back to my previous point. While the furry ones have their fair share of sun, sand and sea fun in the sun, their mummies and daddies get to chill out with an ice cold beer or a glass of wine while watching the sun go down over the horizon. Most times, even the pups get to enjoy some of the deliciousness from mummy’s or daddy’s plate. It’s a win-win situation isn’t it?

Coney Island
Almost a new-fangled location, Coney Island has been in the headlines (and all over my FaceBook feed) for awhile now. Due to its incredible, non-ferry but almost Ubin like proximity to the whole of Singapore island, many have been bringing their dogs there for runs, cycling expeditions and such. It looks like a great location to let off some steam and not spend too much money. Works well if you are on a budget.

Dog runs and parks
There have been an increment in the number of dog runs in Singapore lately, possibly due to the increased shout outs from dog owners and adoption organizations in recent years. Some of the more popular ones though, like Bishan Park and West Coast Park, are the ones that have been around longer than the rest and probably also bigger than the others in comparison. These dog runs also have seen countless doggy events taking place rather frequently. Dog runs are the best places for pups of all ages, sizes and shapes to mingle and socialize and are also good for those who don’t wish to spend money while having a good time. You can google for more parks that are tolerant to our doggy friends and find out which ones have a dog run too.


Sunday at The Training Shed
Located at Labrador Park, you can expect a full day of family fun with DJ gigs, live street art, beer gardens and all those hipster stuff everybody loves now. And because families bring their doggies there, you can be sure there will be treats and niceties for your furry friends too to keep them entertained!

Marina Barrage
Seems like a lot of people bring their pets there for a nice picnic and some kite-flying, while enjoying the nice open space and breeze. Makes for an awesome budget friendly place and somewhere you and your doggy can stare at the sky and get lost in the daydream.

Botanic Gardens
A nice monumental park with pretty floral and fauna. Botanic Gardens sees many dog owners bringing their pups for jogs and strolls especially in the evenings when it is cooler. The number of dogs have also exponentially increased in recent years due to the increased number of residences around the area too. You can be sure your furry friend is going to do some butt sniffing and make some new buddies while it’s there!

Gardens By The Bay
Another flower garden but a newer and possibly more scenic one. If your pup happens to be the kind who gets intrigued by interesting shapes and structures (day) and pretty lights (night), this may be the perfect place to bring them to. For the humans, there’s always Bakerzin should you start getting peckish.

Top Image: Somporn Pratoommanee / Shutterstock.com

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