10 Effective Ways to Fight Your Food Coma So You Won’t Be Fired

Image: sciencealert.com

You’ve (and probably every single person you know) had a food coma. You feel so lazy especially after a huge meal that could make the Hulk cringe after lunch, and then you can’t concentrate on work.

Your deadline is the last thing on your mind, and then your boss starts to send you those sharp-eye glances. You’re in deep trouble, all because of that silly food coma.

How to deal with it lah? Well, these ten methods will help!

Keep Yourself Hydrated
Drink (clue – sip slowly) as much water as you can after your meal. It’ll really help your digestion. While you’re at it, drink the right amount of water every day and you won’t find yourself overeating!

Have More Meals, Every 4 Hours
If you can, make that every 3 hours. You won’t feel super hungry and indulge like you’ve not seen food for days. Moreover, this will keep your metabolism rate in check, which means you’ll lose weight as well!

Keep The Carbs On Your Plate
Stick to whole grains so you’ll feel full for a longer period of time, and less likely to snack on an entire pack of chocolate chip cookies and go into food coma mode.

Stay Away from the Bottle
Sigh… No more alcohol coz yes, it affects your body. Not even red wine.

Have Greens or Fruits at Every Meal
Keep in mind that the more fruits and veggies you consume, the better your body will function.

Never Skip Breakfast
Your body has not eaten (duh!) for the entire number of hours you’ve slept, so it’s right that you fuel it up when you get out of bed. It also keeps your body more organized somehow for the meals during the rest of the day. Go figure.

Keep it Small
Use your hand to understand your portion size for carbs and protein. Go all ape-mad on veggies.

Image: Fitfluential

All About Roughage
No, don’t go and rough your friend up. THAT’S not roughage. It is, in fact, things like whole-grain food, loads of fruits and vegetables and beans. Nuts also fall into this category. Good for you, bad for food coma.

Snack Healthily
Don’t la go and grab a bag of chips. Have hard-boiled eggs, celery sticks or nuts. They’ve got better nutrient content and some even are low in calories.

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Cook Healthy Food in Bulk
You know how you see all those Instagram fitness Influencers swearing about cooking and eating clean? Try it out for a week – cook in bulk and store it in the fridge according to a decent portion size. No more food coma and you’ll feel better too!

See? TOLD YOU it’s not that hard to stop food coma. It’s all about restraining yourself, especially when you pass fast-food outlets and 7-Elevens. Heaven knows how many food comas have been induced in these locations.

Buffets are a no-no too, coz that’s where you feel you have to get the maximum worth of food for the price you paid. Leave the buffets for the weekends, when you can be a pig and sleep immediately after your large meal.

Goodbye food coma, hello perky concentration in the office! YAY!

Lena's constantly juggling between the cross-trainer and her love for food. She dreams off flying to far off places and trying out new things. In the meantime, she's stuck at home with two cheeky minions and a sloppy Retriever.