10 embarrassing things a girl would do at home when she’s alone (but never admit to doing them)


Last Updated on 2017-05-27 , 6:36 pm

Being girls, there are things that we do in the comfort of our homes; things that we will never repeat them anywhere else.

I mean, they might not be super embarrassing, but they are definitely not things we would like to broadcast out to everyone we meet.

We talk to ourselves
Not in the mental way or whatever, but more of we just love talking to ourselves. We can’t exactly tell you what we were talking about either, nor do we know how to explain to you how it works. It’s basically just taking whatever that’s in our heads and saying it out loud.

We sing to ourselves
It doesn’t matter that our voices may be atrocious. We’ll sing as loudly as we want, and hum to tunes as though we are Beyoncé. After all, no one’s home and even if the neighbors happen to hear, they’ll never know who it came from.

We dance to ourselves
Just like singing, there are times that we just want to bust out a few moves. And we’ll admit, this usually happens after seeing talented dancers showcases their amazing flexibility on YouTube or in movies. Sometimes, we just want to be as talented as them.

We play with makeup
Well, this shouldn’t come as such a shocker. But where do you think us girls learn how to draw perfect brows, to master the art of a winged liner, to make our face look a million times more presentable.

It doesn’t just happen overnight. It comes with months or even years of getting the right technique, to find out what looks best on you and what doesn’t. If we ever stepped out of our house after our first attempt, you can be sure we’ll be scaring everyone in broad daylight.

We dress up
And there times where we will put on our clothes and swirl around in the mirror, turning from side to side, seeing if our clothes actually do look good on us. After all, who knows if our friends are lying when they see we look good? It’s always best to trust our own instinct.

We stalk people
I guess guys do this as well. We girls do stalk people, and we stalk both guys and girls. We stalk the cute girl that all of you guys were raving about. We pull out our best stalking skills and look for her Instagram and Twitter. We stalk a guy that we found cute. Or we randomly go on the explore page and stalk girls who we deem attractive.

We look through our feeds multiple times
Not once, not twice. But over and over again. As a social media lover, I love looking through my feeds even if I’ve not posted anything new. As we all know, feeds do have themes.

And there are times where I just like to scroll through my own profile on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and see how my feed has changed since the start. Plus it’s always nice to go through the pictures and relive those memories.

We cry at dramas/movies
I know of girls who might seem all tough and hard on the exterior, who gives people the image that nothing can get to her. But I’m here to tell you that these girls do cry too, some of whom might actually tear very easily.

While they might not show their tears in front of you, when she’s alone, she tears up in a second. She cry when she watches a sad love story, or when she thinks of upsetting memories. Sometimes, the harder the girls on the outside, the softer they are on in the inside.

We burp and we fart
Just like any normal human being, we definitely do burp and fart. But what some of us might not admit, is that some of us can actually burp much louder than most of the guys. And it makes us laugh on the inside when you guys burp and we know we can do better.

We don’t say so because in the eyes of society, it’s not very socially accepted for girls to be burping and farting whenever we want to. There’s nothing wrong with doing so, just that some of us prefer doing them when no one is around to hear. But believe us, we’ll be on par with you in every burping match.


We stare at ourselves in the mirror for ages
Even if we look like the most confident women on earth, we are self-conscious. Honestly speaking, all women are self-conscious, no matter how comfortable they might seem in their own skin. To a certain extend, there will always be a few parts about themselves that might make them a little more conscious than usual.

And when we’re home alone, we’ll stare at those flaws and wonder how they look like in other people’s eye. We’ll examine, and sometimes, we try to squish those parts around and see how we look if born differently. We’ll do so for about 5 minutes or so before going back to scrolling through social media.

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