10 Unique KFC Creations All Over the World That Have Made the Headlines


Last Updated on 2023-05-10 , 9:47 am

In recent years, fast-food restaurants have been coming out with so many new temporary items, we’ve even come out with a category called #FastFoodFriday to review new fast food items, and there hasn’t been a week that we ran out of new items.

When it comes to new items, though, McDonald’s has often popped up in our mind. But hey: how about its BFF KFC, who has been rather creative this year?

I mean, bubble tea tart?

Here’re some other KFC creations that have made the headlines, just so you know that the Colonel is as creative as the clown. Some of them were in Singapore before; can you spot any of them?

1. Double Down

Image: Wikipedia

Some will be familiar with the Double Down, a hamburger-like dish consisting of cheese, bacon and secret sauce clamped in between thick chicken fillets. With calories packed into every inch of the Double Down, its taste was infinitely memorable for those who tried it.

2. Roasta Burger

Image: veryfatoldman.blogspot.sg

To give customers a break from their deep fried chicken, KFC decided to offer an oven-roasted chicken burger. Skinless chicken thigh with slices of vegetable and their sweet sauce made up this dish, and it was as tangy as can be. In fact, it looked a bit like a sub with the special bun used.

3. Scoff-ee Cup

Image: telegraph.co.uk

Few would have reckoned that Britain could come up with this odd creation. A biscuit cup would be encased with sugar paper and lined with chocolate inside so as to protect the cup from disintegrating before one can enjoy the drink. If one has had a couple of sips, the cup can be bitten and eaten, and the sweetness of the sugar ensures that each bite is delectable.

Yes, in other words, you literally eat the cup.

4. Double Down Dog

Twitter: @unclechaps

The Philippines started this bizzare dish which was met with many positive reviews. Double Down Dog is like the Double Down, where pieces of chicken act as replacement for buns. Cheese is squeezed on the hotdog that goes between the chicken, and was just as delicious as it was odd.

KFC sure take their calories chicken seriously.

5. Edible Nail Polish

Image: businessinsider.sg

Weird as it might sound, this is actually legit. Always wanted to combine your beauty products with your favourite fried chicken? Neither do we. Still, it was a fascinating idea to have edible nail polish, where you wouldn’t have to worry about dirtying your nail art but could still enjoy the standard KFC taste. This truly took “finger lickin’ good” to a whole new level.

6. BBQ Bacon Boxmaster

Image: laurabustarviejo.com

Mcdonald’s isn’t the only one to include a hashbrown with succulent meat. KFC’s BBQ Bacon Boxmaster was a wrap consisting of bacon, barbeque sauce, lettuce, and of course, a crispy hashbrown.

And when it has a hashbrown, we’re pretty sure it tastes awesome, because #hashbrownFTW

7. Pizza Twister

Image: pinasgifts.com

Apparently, pizza has always been a popular inclusion into KFC’s inventions. A tortilla wrap containing chicken breast, pizza sauce, salami, onions and cheese, it mimics a pizza relatively well. Taking a single bite into the wrap gave immense satisfaction, so there’s no wonder KFC got a little hooked on additional pizza flavour.

And well, you can call this the grandfather of Chizza.


8. Fish Twister

from kfcjamaica.com

For the seafood lovers, there was once this alternative wrap available till 2011. The Philippines sold fish fillet lying snug in a wrap with cucumber strips, dill sauce, and cheese. The combination had then been too curious to be resisted.

Why Philippines always got the best KFC creations?

9. Chicken Little

from Fast Food Geek

Those who are merely looking for a quick snack would have been pleased by the quaint sandwich. With pickles, mayonnaise and KFC’s signature crispy chicken, it was not too big to leave one bloated but also not too small for customers’ growling stomachs.

10. Zinger Double Down King

from Huffingtonpost

Is this what might await us again in the near future? It seems that KFC’s customers hadn’t had enough of the default Double Down, prompting the birth of this monstrosity. Bacon and beef were slotted between the chicken patties, and if that wasn’t already bursting with flavour, barbecue sauce was added too.

I won’t dare to read how many calories this monster has.