10 Facts About 11B, The Card That Most Male S’poreans Have

No, folks; you didn’t read it wrong. There’s now an article on the holy card from the heavens:

The 11B.

But hold on, don’t exit just yet. Because unbeknownst to the rest of mankind…

The 11B actually does more than just serve as a savage reminder that you once toiled for two years.

Like, for example, did you know that…


And I’m not talking about paltry promotions like 90% off all apparel or some shit either; I’m talking about free entry to Zouk.


(But of course not every day lah)

Interested now? Because I certainly am. So without further ado…

Let’s partayyyy.

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1. A form of verification

Sure, an 11B is like the national representation of servicemen and women everywhere. Flash the 11B, and one would automatically go, “Oh, you’ve served National Service before” or “You’re still in the army? Hah

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But hey, they don’t know what they’re missing, because I’m telling you;

An 11B is gold.

As you might be aware of, there are sometimes when you have to verify your identification. And oftentimes, you would have to pull out your pink card.

But did you know that an 11B qualifies as verification as well? But of course it has to be used with your NRIC once you get back your pink IC (unless you decide to forget to paste that sticker).

Image: Giphy

Okay, so you might know that.

But did you know that you have to fork out $50 if you lose your 11B, but $100 if you lose your NRIC?

Plus, lose your NRIC 2 or more times, and the price inflates in accordance too: it’s now a cool $300 bucks off your bank account.

I’m not 100% certain, but I think if you lose your 11B, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to do NS or ICT. I think so lah.

2. SAF Day Promotion

In celebration of all the valiant servicemen and women who protect our nation, a SAF day is implemented every year, when there will be tons of promotions, deals and crazy offers one can only dream of.

Image: safra.org

And guess what?

This only qualifies for the men in green (or blue, or white).

And what more appropriate to prove your verification, than the trusty, all-mighty 11B?

Although technically, you can wear your uniform to claim the discounts, but let’s face it.

Who in the sweet baby land of Geezus would choose the uniform over a card when claiming 10% off LiHo cheese teas?

3. Production ‘factory’

Like every superhero, an 11B originates from something. And although legends foretold that the Earth was feeling gassy one day and just decided to shit out an 11B, I know better. They’re actually produced at the holy office of them all:

CMPB, otherwise known as the place that pre-enlistees turn up for medical screenings, and NSmen turn up to be charged for not attending IPPTs / RTs.

Firstly, blank cards will be slotted into these machines.

Image: mindef.gov.sg

The machine would then be heated up to a particular temperature…

Image: mindef.gov.sg

Before the process of printing and lamination commences.

Image: mindef.gov.sg

Thereafter, the card would be collected from the slot below.

Image: mindef.gov.sg

And how about this for a fun fact: it takes about an hour to print 100 cards, which means 36 seconds for each one.

Image: mindef.gov.sg

So remember this next time you’re studying for your exams. Every hour that goes by, 100 brave soldiers are getting their cards printed.

If that doesn’t motivate you, I don’t know what will.

Image: Giphy

4. Evolution

And yes, I’m referring to the 11B, although sadly it doesn’t quite go like Digimon.

Image: Giphy

Or even Pokemon.

Image: Digital Spy

Instead, it goes something like this.

Anyone knows what "11B" stands for? Sound off in the comments if you know! Hint: the answer's in the video 😉 #NS50

Posted by Ministry of Defence, Singapore (MINDEF) on Wednesday, 22 March 2017

The first 11B was made of paper? And once, 11B can be used as a cashcard (you know, back in the days when every card served a cashcard)?

Well, our current one doesn’t seem that bad all of a sudden.

5. What does 11B stand for?

You’ve always heard “11B this”, “11B that”…

But what exactly does it stand for?

Well, as it turns out, it stands for just that:

11 Basic Information.

  • Name
  • NRIC number
  • Photo
  • Race
  • Blood group
  • Birth date
  • Country of birth
  • Sex
  • Service Status
  • Military Rank Status
  • Address

Does it become 10B when you ORD? #insiderjokecozstickercoveraddress

6. 1-for-1 Exchange

Did you know? The moment you enlist, you’re required to surrender your NRIC, although you do get a green ‘special’ card in return. And only after your military service do you get your pink IC back. Sounds cool?


So what happens if you sign on? Well suffice it to say;

You’re not seeing it again until you leave the service.

Image: Giphy

Yah, so your enick has a green IC all his life.

7. The Green Card is only for SAF personnel

Do you know that only people who serve the the military would have 11B? For servicemen in SPF or SCDF, they’ve their own version instead, and it’s not called 11B.

So, what if you’re in the Navy or Air Force? It’s apparently still the same green card.

8. The “Wose” rank for Older Soldiers

If you’ve a 11B with you, turn your card and look at the “Military Rank Status”. The first day you receive that discount card – I mean, your new green IC, it’ll say “WOSE”.

So, what does “WOSE” mean? Apparently, as a new enlistee, it means “Warrant Officer, Specialist or Enlistee” – and if you’re commissioned as an office, it’ll be changed.

If not, it’ll stay as WOSE forever.

In new enlistee, it indicates ‘Enlistee’ instead.

9. And more discounts

I wasn’t joking when I talk about it being a discount card. Well, I was, but anyways.

To thank NSmen for their contributions to the nation, merchants have partnered up to form the “We Support YOU in NS” initiative, which entails discounts and benefits to National Servicemen.

Image: safra.sg
Image: safra.sg

Incidentally, there are a whole lot more where that came from. You can check out all the featured partners here.

And if you’re wondering, yes; you just have to flash, not yourself, but your 11B card, and you’re all good to go.

Convenient? Convenient.

10. An ICT essential

And I’m not referring to the initial registration. That one, can use IC. Instead, what I’m talking about…

Is your cookhouse meal.

See, when you draw weapons (although I’m sure you would much rather not), you’re required to surrender something in return. And since you can’t surrender your chastity because it’s not an actual object, you would have to surrender something even more valuable:

Your Instagram profile and its password.

But since that is too private, you use another object:

Your NRIC.

But here’s the thing; you need something to scan in the cookhouse, in order to redeem your ‘free’ cookhouse meal.


Well granted you can always do it the manual way, by keying in your particulars on that slow ass keyboard. But ain’t nobody got time for that: The food is so good, you can’t tahan one more second of waiting.

Some people use their driver’s license, but not everyone has one.

Instead, why not whip out your trusty 11B, and scan the shit out of that?

Scanning for meals has never been easier.

And I highly suggest that you use your 11B instead of NRIC, ‘coz if you do it the other way around (use your 11B for weapon and NRIC for cookhouse), the NSFs behind you would think that you’re insulting them #ORDloh

So, please. Bring your 11B along when you wear green again for your annual paid chalet.


11B is bae. 11B is life.

And if you’re heading overseas for studies, it’s like the ultimate chick magnet.

“Hey, check this out. It certifies me as an all-important soldier back in my home country,” you smile and flash. Your card.

“Omggg, so attractiveeeeeee,” the women swoon.

And that’s the hidden fact about 11B, folks.

(Though let’s face it: it’s because that photo on your 11B is the fittest you in your entire life)

Image: Tenor