10 Facts About Armpit Hair You Probably Should Know Even if You Don’t Want to Know

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Armpits are the one thing that makes us move past a person when we’re cramped in the MRT. No one wants to get a sweaty, soaked armpit in their face if the train jolts into a sudden stop, right?

The thing is, though, the armpit is a treasure trove when it comes to interesting facts. Who knows, you’ll start to appreciate your own set after you’re done reading these points!

Your Body Odour is One-of-a-Kind
No two people have the same body odour, it’s pretty much like a DNA footprint. Your body odour that comes from your armpits is made up of your own genetic composition, and so, yes, no one else smells the same as you do!

Some People Have Extra Boobs In Their Armpits
Polymastia, also known as an accessory breast, is a condition where there’s an extra layer of tissue and sometimes even nipples at the armpits. It occurs for both women and men, and is relatively harmless.

Your Armpit Hair Amount Isn’t Almost the Same on Both Sides
Wow. Really? But yeah, each armpit has its very own personal growth rate for hair, as well as its own amount. Ever wondered when you shaved/waxed why one side always had a little bit MORE than the other?

Now you know!

Ladies, You Lose Under Arm Skin Every Time You Shave
Yes, lah. In true fact, a woman can lose up to 38% of their under arm skin EVERY SINGLE TIME they pick up a shaver and use it there.

And Here’s Another One For You Gorgeous Women
Women, you have got really, really sharp eyes. You know why? Apparently 6 out of the ten of you are conscious that other people are paying attention to your armpits. More than half of you actually do admit to checking out other ladies’ armpits too.


What Causes Chicken Skin in Your Armpit?
You know how it feels so irritating days after you’ve removed your armpit hair? That’s because when you remove the hair, your armpit’s skin texture changes and becomes more bumpy and sandpaper-like. It’s as if the armpits are angry at you for shaving them bald.

They pay you back in kind by giving you that odd-looking chicken skin feature when you take their strands off.

Cheese from Human Armpits?
Ugh. I don’t think I can ever stomach food made from human armpit cultures, but a couple of scientists have done just that, and gone ahead and made cheese with cultures from human armpits.

The cheese apparently taste like the humans the armpit microbes have been extracted from.

Armpits in Ancient History
According to some historical websites, if it weren’t for our ancestors stinky armpits, civilization wouldn’t have even existed today. Apparently their armpits kept pesky predators away.

Go figure.

Armpits Are A Sanctuary for Bacteria
Imagine more than 20 million animals living in your armpits. But yes, your armpits are like a savannah for bacteria. Almost all of them are good guys though, with scientists experimenting around with ‘em to solve some damning skin diseases.


Shaving Your Armpit Makes it Dark
Sigh, sad but true. If you want those bad boys outta the way, it’s better to go the waxing way, as it eliminates the hairs from a deeper level.

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