10 Facts About Char Grill Bar, The Fast-growing Western Stall That’s Popping Up Everywhere

When it comes to food, we’re blessed with the variety of almost every other dish on the globe in Singapore. But if you were to be truly honest with yourself, we still love our local food, and yes, sometimes, when it comes to western, we dig fried chicken.

And then there’s the grilled stuff. With the right marinade, cook and char level, a grilled meal is just drool-worthy.

And one such place that’s been buzzing for some time here has got to be Char Grill Bar. This hawker-style western chain seems to have appeared out of nowhere to everywhere – chances are, there’s one outlet that you can walk to now.

But how much do you know about this, except that it has made kopitiams all over Singapore look more atas?

Here are 10 facts you’d want to know about the brand!

There Are 23 Outlets
Wah, so many! These includes stalls in places like Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10, Canberra Park and Marine Parade Central. Oh, and this includes outlets in Malaysia too! Yeah, you’ve heard it right: it’s not just Singapore.

More than 60 Items on the Menu
Wah, so many choices dunno where to start lah! From chicken to beef, they’ve almost everything you want from several western stall packed into one. And several outlets even have salted egg fish.

It Will Be Launching Another Kind of Dining Concept Soon
Yes, Char Grill Bar intends to launch another kind of dining experience – this one will be in a more relaxed atmosphere and it targets the middle-class segment. I don’t know about you, but doesn’t that sound remotely like…Astons?

There’s Delivery Too!
Yup, just go to their official website and you’ll be redirected to Deliveroo if you want an online order for your food placed and sent to you. No need to step out of your apartment or change out of your comfy shorts to enjoy your Char Grill Bar meal! Oh, and don’t need to worry about location la; remember, with so many outlets, you should have one near your house.

Their Latest Stall Will Be At…
Lau Pa Sat. Yep, they’ve had many requests from customers to open up shop at this financial hotspot.

Char Grill Bar Has Been Around for Some Time (or not)
Yes, the brand has been operating its grilled food business since 2008. You still in school that time or not? But just for comparison’s sake, Astons has been in business since 2005.

The Meals
Check out these delicious meal names – double up char-grilled chicken, pesto grilled chicken, supercut striploin steak, Mexican baked rice and if you’re up for a burger set, give the Mega Cajun chicken burger set a go! But I’ll have to admit: waiting time sometimes can be a pain in the butt. It’s like they’ve flew the meals over from JB to Singapore #justsaying

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Got Mobile App Also
Yes, make your life easier in checking out their food, menu and outlet details among other stuff by downloading the Char Grill Bar app on your phone! But then again, just a heads-up: it hasn’t been updated since 2013. In Internet time, that’s like 130 years.

Still, it’s cool that they have an app, isn’t it?

Its Grilled Concept
Char Grill Bar wanted to bring food to the masses that’s basically western but fuss-free, and value for your dollars at the same time (familiar not?). We think they’ve kind of delivered on that note, what about you?

Local Favourites Got Also!
Get your local fix with their spring chicken set meals, and if you’re just feeling peckish instead, there’s always the deep fried chicken wing set to go for.

Its parent company has many other brands as well
Char Grill Bar is under Garden Cuisine Pte Ltd, and it has many other businesses as well: from cai pngs to even Thai food. And oh, of course it’s all F&B.

There you have it, ten reasons to drop by and eat at the Char Grill Bar. If you’re hungry, know that you’ll always be able to fill your tummy with grilled meals here, and that with generous portions too.

Happy eating, everyone!

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