10 Facts About Cockroaches, The Little Flying Thing That Even Macho Men Are Afraid Of


Last Updated on 2020-01-05 , 12:55 pm

Every time I see a cockroach, I don’t scream. I just run the other way as fast as I can without alerting the bugger.

What freaks me out the most about them is when they fly. That’s when I lose it and truly wish I could teleport myself to another place.

Here’s 10 pesky facts about the immortal insects you should know, because such fear is really unfounded if you think about it.

Life Without a Head

A cockroach can still go about life for a week without a head. They have an open circulation system. This means that they are still able to breathe through tiny holes that are on their body. There’s no need for a mouth or head to breathe in and out! Why it takes a month to die though? Without its head, a cockroach can’t consume water, so it finally dies out of thirst.

40 Minutes Without Oxygen

Wait, what? You’re going to have hard luck drowning the bug too, as it can hold its breath under water for up to 30 minutes.

High Speed Bugs

Cockroaches help bacteria and germs spread in your home at a breakneck speed. Any one cockroach can run right up to 3 miles in 60 minutes.

Baby Cockroaches

Here’s an interesting fact. Although a one-day old cockroach may be as big as a speck of dust, it can STILL run as fast as its mum and dad. DAMN.

And they’re so small, you won’t be able to kill it fast,.

The Largest Cockroach

The giant cockroaches are not here (Phew!) but in South America. It’s six inches in body length, and has wings that stretch to one foot!

About the Germans

A newborn German cockroach reached adulthood in little over a month – 36 days to be exact. This is the most common cockroach breed. It’s been linked to illness outbreaks and numerous allergic reactions.

Alcoholic Cockroaches

American cockroaches are attracted to beer, especially brews that have sugar and hops in it. HAHA. Imagine a drunk cockroach flying around in your room.

An Ancient Species

These bugs apparently have been around for more than 280 MILLION years. This is literally way, way back in the Carboniferous times.

Cold-Blooded Fellas

Apparently being cold-blooded allows them to survive for up to a month without food. In other words, if you didn’t see these fellas for a month, they could just be hiding somewhere, ready to scare the hell out of you the moment it decides to find food.

A Gigantic Family Tree

I know it’s hard to believe, but there’s way more than 4,000 different kinds of cockroaches around the world.

All these facts tell me that these guys adapt easily and survive almost anything. Which is why I’m going to ensure my house is cockroach-proof and I don’t have to deal with any flying pests! So should you.