10 Facts About Ez-Link Cards ‘Coz It’s Not Just a Card for Public Transport


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I‘m sure we’re all familiar with the EZ-Link card. Unless you’re one of those rick kids with a chauffeur, I’m certain it’s one of the most important things in your bag when you were (or still are) a student.

However, like all things we use daily, how much do you actually know about the EZ-Link card?

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Well, not that knowing all these things will improve your quality of life drastically, but some are definitely interesting and good to know.

As such, here are 10 facts about the EZ-Link card you probably didn’t know about.

1) The pilot testing phase

The pilot testing of the EZ-Link card was introduced on 26 Feb 2000. A total of 100,000 volunteers were involved in the testing.

As an incentive for volunteering, the volunteers were given a 10% rebate off their fare during the one-month testing period!

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Oh boy, with the fare prices going higher and higher these days, I would love to have a 10% discount too.

2) EZ-Link card was for frequent riders

The EZ-Link was originally meant for riders who make at least 5 trips on the MRT and/or LRT per week. The original name for the EZ-Link card was the “Super Rider”.

Hmm, so the EZ-Link card was supposed to be a “premium” card, eh?

3) Payment system

When I was a student, I was so amazed when I found out that I could pay for my McChicken meal using my EZ-Link card.

The future is here!

Ever since then, some vending machines have also started to accept EZ-Link cards for payment.

Image: ezlinkcard.com.sg

Here’s a list of places you can use your EZ-Link card. Have a look.

4) Attendance!

Certain schools in Singapore have also started to use the EZ-Link card as a method to mark their student’s attendance.

Image: quickmeme.com

Sheesh, no more telling your buddy to mark your attendance for you! (I’m glad my school didn’t use this method.)


Image: ezlinkcard.com.sg

Yeah, I had that same look on your face. The heck is an EZ-MONZEE?!

So, according to the EZ-Link’s website, EZ-Monzee was created to share and explain the features of EZ-Link’s value-added services (EZ-Reload, EZ-Link Rewards with Perx and My EZ-Link Mobile App).

Here’s a link to EZ-Monzee’s video. See if it grows on you.

6) Card-blocking Service “Activate!”

No, this isn’t some chuunibyou fantasy.


“Activate!” is a card-blocking service in case you lose your EZ-Link card! With “Activate!”, you’ll be able to recover your remaining funds if you lose the card and you’ll also be covered if there’s unauthorized usage on your lost card!

Image: ezlinkcard.com.sg

7) Top up anytime, anywhere

Wah, this one legit surprised me sia.

TBH, I wouldn’t have read up so much on the EZ-Link if not for this article either.

Apparently, you can top up your EZ-Link card using your NFC phone! Here’s a video showing you the step by step guide!

Wew, now I have one less reason to head over to the MRT station just to top up my card!


8) EZ-Link Rewards

Image: quickmeme.com

EZ-Link has a rewards system? Whoa, I’m starting to think that my EZ-Link card is better than my bank card!

Apparently, you just have to link your card to the Perx app! Here, take a look at how this is done!

9) EZ-Pay

Well, I don’t actually drive, but for the benefit of all drivers out there, there’s something called the EZ-Pay.

Here, have a look at how it works, together with a link to the registration page.

Image: ezlinkcard.com.sg

Here’s a video for those of you who are too lazy to read:

10) EZ-Link Card designs

For those of you who would like to spice up your EZ-Link card, you’ll be glad to know that new designs for EZ-Link cards are being pumped out constantly.

Image: ezlinkcard.com.sg

In conclusion

Here’s a link to their homepage, in case I forgot to mention anything.

Well, that about does it for this article. Honestly speaking, there really isn’t anything else I can talk about for the EZ-Link card.

I’m actually glad to find out that there are so many services available for the EZ-Link card! Time to start registering for everything!

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