10 Facts About Grey Hair S’poreans Should Know

Growing grey hair is as inevitable as death. Ageing can cause greying hair or if one has grown grey hair at a young age, this may be because of genes.

Whatever it is, all of us will have to go through the grueling process of accepting a grey crown.

But what do you know about grey hair, except that it makes you look slightly…wiser? Here are ten facts you probably should know even if you’ve a head full of black hair (now)!

Every hair on our head is actually grey!

All of our hair grows from tiny bulb-like tubes on our scalp called ‘follicles’ and inside these follicles are actually grey or white hair. Basically, the unpigmented and original state of our hair strands is in the colour of grey or white!

However, before hair grows out of these follicles, our hair will come into contact with ‘melanin’ – a pigment that determines different people’s hair and skin colour.

Just think of it this way: the “default setting” for hair is grey.

A laugh a day keeps greying hair away

Many scientists have guessed that stress can quicken the growth of grey hair. Thus far, there has been no clear and concise evidence to prove this but it is known that ageing causes the growth of grey hair and premature ageing has a direct link to stress. Therefore, try your best to avoid stress at all cost if you want to keep your beautiful melanin-filled hair for a long time.

Watch more Running Man and you might just defer the greying of your hair #justsaying

Watch your diet!

Enough vitamins can not only keep your body healthy, but also the health of your hair. Dermatologists and hair stylists say that it is a fact that lack of vitamins can cause unhealthy scalp and hair, as well as the acceleration of the growth of grey hair on your head.

So, watch what you eat! Hydrate yourself, have a lot of vegetables, grains and fruits.

But then again, that’s the advice of all doctors, so here’s something more useful: if you’re healthy, you might have lower chances of grey hair.

Greying of hair may be genetic

Do not fear if your grey hair is here! Some people may start growing a grey crown at an early stage, such as before the age of 30: this is normal.

This premature greying of hair is caused by your genes, this may run in the family. Others, the lucky ones, do not have such genes and may only start growing grey hair at the golden age of 50.

Whatever age your grey hair may start showing, there are many ways to still look good and maintain a good appearance. Read on.

You can still look good

Despite a growing grey crown, especially if it grows on you at a young age, there are ways to still look good and flaunt it! You can always dye your hair whatever colour your desire. After all, remember: it’s just your hair doing a “factory reset” back to its “default setting”.

Better, you could transition to an all-grey head and flaunt a grey crown! Also, keep your hair conditioned and shiny.

Stop smoking today!

Smoking, along with many other bad side effects, does cause premature greying of hair. Yeah, my dear friend, smoking not just cause cancer but also the acceleration of grey hair growth. A study in 2013 proved that smokers were 2 and a half times more prone to PHG (premature hair greying).

In conclusion, every stick grows a grey hair. Quitting the habit of smoking can save your life and your hair too! I know it’s hard but…try lah.

Body hair also turns grey

When you thought growing grey hair on your head was bad enough, your body hair also turns grey! Although, body hair turns grey at a different rate as the hair on your head. That is why some men have dark hair and a grey beard or vice versa.

One’s ethnicity plays a part

From studies, different races have different rates of greying hair. Caucasians are number one on the list, followed by Asians, and last the African-Americans. No clear evidences have been found to explain why, but this order has been observed.

Your hair is self-bleaching

You may have heard of hydrogen peroxide, the chemical used to bleach hair for those who want to dye their hair lighter at the salon. The strange thing is that, this chemical is within each hair follicle and builds up overtime which causes our hair to grow grey.

In other words, if you’re in salon to bleach your hair, you’re essentially just doing what’s going to happen to you in your golden years.

Normal ageing is the biggest culprit.

No matter what happens, do not be disheartened that your hair starts to turn grey at some point because this is very normal and happens to everyone else. Everyone ages and it is inevitable that the greying of hair will start to show.

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