10 Facts About Hotel Pillows That Tourists Should Know

Last Updated on 2023-05-14 , 12:19 pm

Most of us don’t give a second thought to the pillows in hotels: the first thing that we look at in a hotel room is the size, and second, the toilet.

Interestingly, we spend a bulk of our time with these pillows that could have abused by another user, yet don’t give a damn about checking out its condition.

Well, you’ve come to the right place: here are ten facts about hotel pillows that make you go “WTH”! because it’s just that crazy.

The pillows are probably newer than the ones in your bedroom

How old is your pillow? Can’t remember? It must have been more than one or two years then. Most pillows in hotels (well, at least those established ones) have a lifespan of just one to two years. Anything beyond that and they’re replaced, regardless of the condition. Now you know why those pillows are always so new!

Pillows are one of the things that are stolen pretty often

Really? Since people would usually bring a luggage large enough to store a pillow. And they thought the housekeepers didn’t take note of that. Boy, why not you steal that table as well?

Singapore is well-known for its selection of pillows

Maybe Singaporeans aren’t aware of that since we don’t usually stay in a Singapore hotel, but Singapore is renowned for having the largest selection of pillows in our hotels. I don’t know whether to be proud or not here.

Rumours have it that sometimes, pillow casings aren’t washed

With the Internet, every secret is out, including the cleaning schedule of a hotel. You won’t like seeing this video.

Pillows are one of the most abused items in a hotel room

Where are pillows usually found when housekeepers come in to clean? Well, usually on the bed of course, but sometimes, they’re everywhere. In case you think that’s okay, think about it: do you find toothbrush elsewhere or the bed sheet elsewhere? No? But pillows are on the floor. Go figure.

Housekeepers change pillow casings like a boss

This isn’t too much of a secret: housekeepers usually do a “karate chop” in the middle of the pillow and slot the pillow casing in, saving seconds of time when they change the casing. When you multiply hundreds and thousands of pillows changed daily, they’ve probably saved tens of hours daily from this trick.

The reason why sometimes, there’re four pillows is that some person prefer to have a “higher” pillow

In some hotels, you’ll see a hotel with a double bed that has four pillows instead of two pillows. It’s because some people prefer a “higher” pillow while some prefer a “lower” pillow, so having two pillows for each person would solve the personal preference of each individual. Ingenious, isn’t it?

You can customise your pillow on some hotels

Sometimes, you need to stay for more than four days, and they’ll have a casing that will be customised for you. Not sure what you’re thinking, but the first thing that comes to my mind is this: a marriage proposal!

Some hotels have a chocolate on its pillow due to a very old tradition

To cut a long story short, long ago, a frequent hotel visitor placed a trail of wrapped chocolate from the door to the pillow, with a letter at the pillow, for a woman. A staff saw it, thought it was cool and they started to put a chocolate on each pillow. Some hotels are still implementing this cool tradition, and the chocolate is free!

Housekeepers hate it when you bring your own pillow

Whether you’ve got OCD or you simply cannot sleep without another pillow, housekeepers absolutely hate pillows that you bring. Simple logic here: all pillows look relatively the same once the casing is out, so how the heck would he or she know which pillow belong to theirs?

Featured Image: Lifestyle Travel Photo / Shutterstock.com