10 Facts About Jay Shetty, A Facebooker With 24 Million Followers


If you are an avid Facebook user, you’ve probably seen this handsome face pop up on your feed.

Image: Youtube/JayShetty

You either follow him, or have friends that do. Either way, one of his videos has probably found its way on your feed (he has a whopping 24  million followers so it’s a safe bet).

And you’ve probably watched it.

Like this, which has clocked an impressive 368 million views.

You’ll see this (unfairly) good-looking young man talk to you with emotional background music playing to get you to feel all the feels.

Meanwhile, he’ll be wooing you with philosophy and social commentaries.

Being such a huge personality online, here are 10 facts about Jay Shetty you should know – if you don’t already!

1. Why he decided to become a MONK.

Image: NationalGeographic

Almost everyone who knows Jay Shetty knows this one huge fact about his life – that he was a monk for three years in India.

If you have read his story, or watched his videos, you’ll know why he decided to graduate from university to be a monk.

Putting it very simply, he says that in society, we are what we see.

We become what we are exposed to.

We never really think about what it is we want to do, or if there are passions we want to explore outside of the bubble holding everything we know.

He realised that making a ton of money, living up to others’ expectations of him and following the ‘standard’ path wasn’t going to cut it for him.

He wanted to learn and master the mind. Learn wisdom. And he acknowledged that no one else had really mastered the mind or devoted time to learning wisdom, besides monks.

So on he went to become one for three years.


2. What did he accomplish by being a monk?

It’s easy to say, oh I want to be a monk and then do nothing about it once you’ve become one.

Because you did what you set out to do, right?

Not for Jay.

According to his story, he dedicated his life in monk-hood to waking up daily at 4am (if that’s familiar, it’s because one of his most popular videos now is about waking up early), meditating for 4-8 hours, going on various food and water fasts to train the mind, ate simply, studied eastern philosophies and sciences, and lived out of a gym locker.

He also helped build sustainable villages, food programs that give out over a million meals per day and guided millennials all over the world in terms of wellbeing, consciousness and success.


3. He is making ‘Wisdom go Viral’.

Image: Facebook/JayShetty

All his videos contain a truth in them that we may, or may not already know.

He causes these truths to surface. He catalyses self-actualisation.

He guides us into seeing where we may have been doing things wrong; where we could be doing things better to live the best lives we can.

It’s all part of his goal to make Wisdom go Viral. Yeah, wisdom viral, not entertainment or, say, $1 vs $100 everything viral.

Very admirable.

And if you look at the comments on any of his videos, you’ll find that he is doing just that, with thousands finding help and wisdom and truth in what he preaches.


4. His career online began at Accenture.

Image: IIFL

Jay didn’t become an overnight online personality. He started working as a Millennial and Gen-Z expert at Accenture.

For those who are wondering, Accenture is a global management company (and a Fortune 500 company, at that).

Jay got to lead and host workshops and panels with important clients at industry events.

This is where he learnt how to ask the challenging questions; to encourage people to leave their comfort zones; to interrupt their mainstream perspectives.

It’s something he has carried on over to his videos, imparting wisdom and new viewpoints to his audience.


5. What does he think about influencers?

Jay actually has a very interesting take on what an influencer in our modern day and age should be like.

Think about the influencers you know on social media just for a second.

Most of them would be promoting brands and products…quite shallow in the grand scheme of things. And often, quite irrelevant to our day-to-day lives.

Jay believes that influencers should have two things: continuous learning, and storytelling.

None of us ever stop learning. Especially with big platforms, influencers should be continually educating themselves on the content that they are putting out into the world.

And influencers should never stop having a narrative.

That’s probably what separates the good from the great, hey? After all, think about it: he’s an influencer as well. But he doesn’t show off his lavish lifestyle to influence others #justsaying

6. Career advice.

Image: Facebook/JayShetty

Jay built his career online from ground up, after realising through working on the Innovation Hub with Accenture that he wanted to create something completely his own and bring it to success.


And he has career advice for the lot of us!

Firstly, we can’t be what we can’t see so we have to expose ourselves to a world beyond what we know.

We should focus on networking. Invest in working relationships.

Don’t settle, because it is never too late to pursue what you love.

Finally, earn with integrity and spend with compassion.

7. How much does Jay Shetty actually make?

If you haven’t heard, Jay got on the Forbes 30 under 30 Europe Class of 2017.

Now that’s the mark of a pretty successful man.

You’d think that with someone who is doing so well and is at the top of their industry game, his net worth would be common knowledge, or at least, easy to guesstimate.

Well, you thought wrong.

Try Googling his net worth and most pages will give you the ‘not available’ answer. All we know is that he will most likely be making at the top percentile of his industry salary remuneration.

But for now, his net worth and income will have to remain nothing more than speculation.

8. Do his videos really help people?

Image: Facebook/JayShetty

For those that do not watch his videos, or have only watched one or two, you might be wondering if it is really worth it to spend time to learn from this guy.

Well, according to people that religiously watch his videos, it’s worth it.

Jay has seen his videos get over 2 billion views. That’s explosive engagement right there. Remember, there are only 7 billion people in the entire world.

And in a recent Instagram poll where he asked if his videos have made a positive impact on viewers’ lives, a resounding 97% responded ‘yes’.

So there is a pretty huge chance that this guy could change your life so you can live your best possible life…

Maybe its time to jump on the bandwagon of positive, awesome change through Jay!

9. Why is Jay Shetty so successful?

If you are like me, you must be wondering, how on earth did this guy get so successful?!

He has pretty much built an entire empire at a young age.

What am I doing with my life…

Well, what makes Jay so successful is that firstly, he didn’t start with the mentality that he wanted to make money or wanted a full-time career out of it.

He wanted to simply…start.

He also says that entrepreneurs need to go more into the depths of the problem they are trying to solve.

And they need to learn that rejection is part of the game – Jay himself was rejected by 10 media companies.

But continue believing in the sincerity of their big idea in the face of rejection and push on.

Hopefully this inspires the entrepreneurs out there to start.

And then push.

And never stop.

10. Editing your social media feed.

This is one thing that Jay firmly believes in – something that he aims to convey to as many people as possible.

That social media is currently full of…noise.

Not just any noise. But damaging noise. Filling us with discontent, low self-esteem, worthlessness, anxiety, ‘FOMO’ and so on.

And this is absolutely avoidable. And unnecessary to us living our best lives.

He firmly preaches carefully editing your social media feed – so you are following people and channels that matter to you. That you know personally.

So that your feed is full of positivity and mindfulness – anything that enriches you and allows you to be filled with good thoughts and feelings.

Editing your social media feed could impact your life positively, so it’s worth giving it a shot!

Research shows that using social media extensively is linked with depression, so it’s time we switch it around and allow it to add to our lives instead.

So there you go, 10 things about Jay Shetty you may (or may not) know about.

Hopefully some of the philosophies and ideas he swears by are things we will also start doing for an overall better state of living!