10 Facts About Jurong That Jurong-ers Hope Tampiners & Yishun-ers Would Know

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So, you live in the east and think that Jurong is all about factories, Jurong Bird Park and friends-of-friends who live there. Sometimes, your friends in the east even brought their passport along when they went to Jurong Point, only to find out that Jurong Point isn’t in Jurong East MRT Station.

Well, here are some facts for your friends who think that Jurong is part of Malaysia. Or that Jurong is being evacuated to for a railway (???).

#1. Jurong has more than just a bird park: there’s a lookout tower that is just as cool as the one in East Coast Park

You need to drive to reach there, but after going up the bendy road, you’ll be rewarded with a gorgeous view of a port. It’s called the Jurong Hill Lookout Tower, and no, it’s not that tower in Chinese Garden.

#2. The “Boon Lay” in Jurong is very small, surrounded by Jurong West

So, there’s a Boon Lay MRT Station, so Boon Lay should be pretty big, eh? Nope. Boon Lay is so small, you can walk the entire Boon Lay estate within 20 minutes (but not Boon Lay Way the road la..).

In fact, to confuse you even more, when you alight at Boon Lay MRT Station, you’re in Jurong West. Boon Lay is somewhere between Boon Lay MRT Station and Lakeside MRT Station.

Confused? Well, that’s just the tip of the ice-berg.

#3. There are two Jurong Wests

Seriously. And they’re separated by none other than their BFF, Boon Lay. Basically, the Jurong West at Boon Lay MRT Station is a new Jurong West, while the Jurong West between Lakeside MRT Station and Chinese Garden MRT Station is the “old Jurong West”.


If you want to pretend as if you know Jurong well, just ask this question when someone says they live in Jurong West: “Oh, the new Jurong West or the old Jurong West?”

#4. Tuas is not in Jurong

Fun and interesting fact that everyone knows: Tuas is in Tuas. Jurong is in Jurong. They’re as different as Donald Trump and Donald Duck. So get your facts right.

#5. There’s no one living in Jurong

Because one either lives in Jurong East or Jurong West. Or study in Jurong Secondary School. There’s no Jurong Ave 8. So remember: either you East or West. And no, there’s no Jurong North or Jurong South.

#6. The number of shopping malls in Jurong is crazy

JCube, JEM, Westgate, Big Box, IMM …and not forgetting our dearest Jurong Point. All in Jurong, Bro, all in Jurong. Best of all? They’re all connected with a bus or a few MRT stations.

#7. From Jurong East MRT Station to Pioneer MRT Station, it’s all “Jurong”

I know it’s complicated, but let’s just put it this way: Jurong is big. But as I mentioned, Boon Lay came between two Jurong Wests, but let’s just ignore that third party for a while lah.

#8. Jurong has got a hill

It’s called Jurong Hill. Really lah. At the tip of it is the Jurong Hill Lookout Tower mentioned earlier.

So bitch please, Bukit Timah isn’t the only area with hill, okay.

#9. Jurong means “shark”

Because in Malay, jerung means shark, and it’s most like derived from there.

#10. Jurong Island has nothing to do with people living in Jurong

The only correlation is that you take a bus from Jurong East interchange to reach Jurong Island. But then again, people also take buses from Jurong East Interchange to JB…

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