10 Facts About Lazada, The Online Shopping Platform That S’poreans Are Familiar With


It’s 2019 and retail therapy has never been more popular despite the fact that malls are emptier than the ’90s.

Because online shopping.

Today, you can shop from the comfort of your own bed and get it delivered right to your doorstep.

At cheaper prices, somemore.

When it comes to online shopping, there are three major players in Singapore: Qoo10, Shopee and Lazada.

So what makes them so addictive? Why do people keep going back again, and again?

Today, we look at Lazada and see what makes them tick.

Here are 10 facts about Lazada, the online shopping platform that every Singaporean is familiar with.

1. Lazada Is Just 7 Years Old

Back in the past, to become a global, powerful company, you’d probably need to toil and grow the company for decades.

But Lazada, well-recognised as one of the biggest online shopping destinations in the entire world, is just seven years old.

In fact, Lazada Singapore is the youngest at five years old.

2. They’re Like An Online Version of Mustafa

If we were to compare Lazada to an offline store, there’s only one comparison: Mustafa.

They sell anything and everything from beauty, fashion, consumer electronics to groceries, sports equipment and even cars.

Image: lazada.sg

But that’s not the coolest part.

3. They Offer Security With Your Purchases Too

What’s one thing that you’re worried about when it comes to online shopping? That the money you spent is wasted on something lousy.

They understand that too, which is why they have LazMall, a dedicated part of Lazada that offers authentic products from brands, or sellers with good reviews.


It has a 15-day return policy, with next-day delivery and a refund of twice the amount you spent if the product you receive isn’t authentic.

And they go the other way too.

4. Taobao Collection

When it comes to cheap online shopping, the first place that comes to mind is Taobao, China’s number one marketplace.

Unfortunately, Singaporeans aren’t too great when it comes to Mandarin.

Which is why they came up with Taobao Collection, a space on Lazada that sells Taobao items in an English interface.


After all, cheap shopping should be available to everybody, no matter the race or religion, right?

5. RedMart & Lazada

When Lazada first purchased RedMart, customers weren’t really happy.

The clean, familiar user interface of RedMart was replaced with Lazada’s unfamiliar (some might say, cluttered) UI.

There were also tons of complaints about hassles and bugs with the ordering process.

But here’s one thing people might not know about RedMart x Lazada: If you’re able to get past the Lazada front page into RedMart’s little slice of heaven, the UI is actually clean and familiar.

As for other bugs, Lazada is working on it.


6. Free Shipping

There are tons of hidden costs when it comes to online shopping.

For example, the price might reflect $13 but the shipping could bring it up to $20.

Not at Lazada, though, where you can actually enjoy free shipping with their Savers option for local and overseas items.

Just take note that some sellers might require you to meet the minimum spend of $40 before you can enjoy the perk.

For RedMart deliveries, LiveUp members enjoy free delivery for orders above $40. Non-members can do the same with a minimum order of $60.


7. Play Games To Win Vouchers

If you’re still spending money on games, know that someplace else (not just Lazada), there are games which allows you to have fun and win some moolah at the same time.

LazGames has 9 different games for shoppers to enjoy; one a city builder where you can build your own city and an emoji game which makes you contort your face to fit the rising emojis.

8. The Lazada App

Here’s a simple tip for you: if you shop online at Lazada, do so from their app.

On their app, you’ll enjoy:

  • Cheaper prices
  • Fast news on promotions and deals
  • More personalised recommendations

Plus, flash deals; awesome deals that only happen for a very short period of time.

Who knows, that Philips shaver you’ve been looking at could be selling at 90% off from just 1pm to 3pm.

9. Best Times To Shop

We’re all really familiar with the double-dates.

11.11, 12.12, 9.9.


But you know what?

These aren’t the best days to shop. Or rather, these days aren’t the only good days to shop at.

Go on to Lazada about one to two weeks before D-day to see what promotions they’ve already started offering.

Online shopping websites (Shopee & Lazada) have the habit of putting out promotions during that period, some of which are really, really good.

10. Stacking Your Vouchers

And last, but not least, here’s how you can maximise your savings when you shop on Lazada.

The platform has three different types of vouchers: Sellers’ vouchers, storewide vouchers and bank discounts.

Apply it in the following way:

  • Seller’s voucher
  • Storewide vouchers
  • Bank discounts

To enjoy the best possible savings on your purchases.

This one, it’s Lazada’s staff that taught us, so don’t say we bojio, eh?

You can check out the video below that we’ve done on Lazada: