10 Facts About OG, The Department Store S’poreans Grew Up With


Everyone knows OG as the big department store in Chinatown. But did you know that this big department store sells more than apparels that you only buy during Chinese New Year?

Aimed to be the best family-friendly store providing goods at affordable prices, here are 10 facts about OG that you probably didn’t know.

They promote their skincare products by giving beauty tips

There are many ways in product marketing and OG thought of a creative way to market their beauty products. By following the use of high-tech devices these days but the inability of salesmen to provide beauty advice to their customers, OG decided to promote beauty products sold at their stores by giving tips on how to use them to enhance your looks. Now you can shop for the best product suitable for your skin!

They were founded in 1971 and went on to have 3 outlets today

Founded in 1962, the company took off in 1971 with the aim to provide a one-stop shopping experience where you’ll be able to find apparels, bags, travel products, children’s toys, health supplements and household items.

Their very first outlet opened permanently at Chinatown where it is still standing strong today. OG went on to open 2 other outlets at Bugis and Orchard.

They have cafes and restaurants inside their outlets

Tired of shopping or looking for a drink to quench your thirst? Located in every OG store are eateries and cafes where you’ll be able to catch a break and grab a bite.

You’ll be able to find Granny’s Secret, a traditional eatery selling Teochew dishes at OG Albert, their Bugis outlet. At their People Park’s outlet, you’ll be able to enjoy modern Chinese cuisine at Westlake Eating House where their Braised Pork Buns is not to be missed! Lastly, their most popular store in Orchard Point where people are frequently seen bustling around, are Starbucks, O’Coffee Club and HACHIFUKUMARU Ramen Shop by NANTSUTTEI.

OG card members are also entitled to enjoy various discounts from the stores above, so do remember to bring your card with you, which brings us to out next point.


Bringing your OG card with you is very important

Not only does the OG card entitles you to various benefits and discounts while you shop, you’ll be able to collect points in their OG Rewards programme as well. They are pretty strict about their customers bringing their own card and it’s not just because you get to enjoy their food at a discounted price.

If you forgot to bring your OG members card but do remember the card number, you won’t be able to enjoy their benefits or collect any reward points as they go by a swipe and scan system where the mechanism is only activated if your card is physically there. You won’t be able to “keep” the points and come back another time with the card to accumulate points as well.

Another point is that you won’t be able to “transfer” your points to another card. Therefore, if you forgot your card and would like to redeem a benefit, you won’t be able to use your friend’s card and transfer or merge both cards.

They have multiple lucky draws every month

Though they seem pretty strict on their rules for their customers, they really want to reward you! Notified online, their website is regularly updated with various lucky draws for everyone to enter. Lucky draw results will also be posted there, so do remember to keep a look out!

They have nursing rooms at every OG store

Going the extra mile, all 3 OG stores provide nursing mothers and helpful fathers with the privacy to nurse or change their babies at provided nursing rooms.

They provide local delivery service

You may not have heard of this but, OG provides local delivery service! Applicable to customers spending $200 & above nett on the same day, OG will provide delivery services straight to your doorstep! However, do note that the service won’t be available for food, snacks and perishables.

You can’t join to be a member anytime you like

Wow, so many benefits and you’re convinced to join their OG members community? Do note that you won’t be able to join anytime you like! Jump at the chance every September because OG members card application is only opened during their Anniversary Sale period from September to October yearly. So don’t go and ask to be an OG member during January, ok?

Their values spell out OG TIPS

Literally spelling out OG TIPS as their company’s values, OG is proud to say that they’re Open-minded, Guest-centric, Teamwork, Integrity, Professionalism and Sincerity

They have an online brochure

Afraid that you’ll be missing out on their deals? Don’t worry, because you’ll be able to read about their current promotions at the tips of your hands. Available on their website, customers will be able to check out their sales through their i-issue.

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