10 Facts About Ramly Burgers in Singapore (Why is Ramly Burger Banned in Singapore?)

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It doesn’t matter who you are: as long as you live in Singapore, you’d know about Ramly burgers, and often ask, “Why is Ramly Burger banned in Singapore?”

But in case you don’t know, there are many burger joints in Singapore from America.

You have the Shake Shack in Jewel Changi Airport.

As well as the famous American burger chain, Fatburger, which will be opening not one, not sixteen but two outlets here in Singapore.

But one burger that we Singaporeans will hold dear to our hearts, despite all these fancy burgers, is still Ramly burger.

Yup, the same one we’ll eat at Pasar Malam if there’s nothing else hipster enough to try.

Reader Bao: Wait, isn’t Ramly burger banned in Singapore?

Well, read on and you’ll understand.

1. S’pore Vs M’sia: Who Wins?

Singaporeans and Malaysians are united when it comes to food. Remember MasterchefUK’s crispy chicken rendang? Yup, Singapore and Malaysia were like brothers-in-arms.

But at the same time, we’re pretty divided over food too. As in, who were the geniuses creating the food? Singapore or Malaysia.

Unfortunately, when it comes to Ramly Burger, Malaysia’s the one that brought the gift to earth. Us, Singaporeans, at least for this time, merely enjoyed the fruits of Ramly’s work.

Wait: Ramly isn’t an adjective?

2. How Ramly Burger Became A Thing

Ramly Food Processing Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian fast food and frozen products company started in 1984.

Since 1979, Haji Ramly Mokni started selling burgers with his wife from street food stalls. He discovered the problem of not being able to verify if fresh-meat sources were halal when he worked as a butcher.

This led to him deciding to produce a halal-certified meat source for Muslim consumers.

Ramly’s street food stalls were well-known in Malaysia, and their burgers are considered a local delicacy.


3. Why is Ramly Burger Banned in Singapore: S’pore’s Ramly Burgers Are “Pirated Versions”

If you love Ramly burgers, you’ll be sad to know that the version at Singapore’s famous pasar malams aren’t the real deal.

The real Ramly beef patties, unfortunately, are banned in Singapore. One of the sources of Ramly’s beef patty is from India, which isn’t a source approved by the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA).

Instead, the meat patties you’re eating actually comes from Singaporean brands such as Tasty, Sultan Burger and Armiya.

No wonder both countries’ version tasted so different, huh?

4. S’porean Man Jailed For Trying To Smuggle Ramly Beef Patty Into S’pore

Now that you’ve got over the fact that you’ve been lied to pretty much your entire life, here’s one more to rock your world.

A man attempted to smuggle Ramly beef patties into Singapore in the most epic way possible.


Afraid of being caught for smuggling almost 40kg worth of Ramly beef patties into Singapore, he sped away from the inspection pit at Tuas Checkpoint.

He was eventually caught and sentenced to nine months jail and fined $8,000.

The cost of good food is indeed high.

5. You Can Actually Make Your Own Ramly Burger At Home

Okay, remember #3 when we tell you that all the Ramly burgers sold in Singapore are fakes?

Well, if you think of it another way, everyone can make their own Ramly burger at home. After all, the term Ramly Burger also refers to the way the burger is made.


So get your own patty, burger buns, Worchester sauce and cheese.

Put the Worchester sauce and cheese on the meat patty before wrapping it up with egg. Put between two buns and viola!

(Pirated) Ramly Burger.

But make sure you don’t use pork patty lah. Or if you do, don’t spread it out on social media.

6. Because Ramly Might Just Come After You

Back in 2016, a Kelvin Tan, boss of non-halal eatery Ninja Joe, decided to pay homage to Ramly in the best way possible.


He cooked a Ramly burger, replacing the usual patty options with a pork patty and called it the P.Ramly burger.

Well, the original Ramly wasn’t very happy and he was pretty vocal about it. In fact, he told news media outlets that he was consulting with his lawyers to see what can be done about the P.Ramly burger.

In the end, Ninja Joe had to take down the posters of their new burger and renamed it to something else.

Which is pretty common sense, given that Ramly started his company because he wants to give Muslims a verified halal-certified meat source.

7. You Can Become Rich Selling Ramly Burgers at Pasar Malams

The question of the day: can you become rich selling Ramly Burgers for a living? I mean, in any business, you’re in it not just for passion but money as well. Boss, heard that?


So if you were to sell amazing Ramly burgers at the pasar malam, can you afford a BMW? Well, you won’t. But a Honda Vezel might still be possible.

Some smart dude over at SingSaver decided to try and find out how much you’ll get as the boss of a Ramly burger stall.

It was found that the cost price of a Ramly burger in Singapore costs around 70 cents. Take note that on average, Ramly burgers cost $3.50.

You can earn as high as $5,600 after deducting all operational costs if you sell 200 burgers a day.

If you sell only 150 burgers a day, you’ll only make a profit of $1,400.


Before you decide to be the next Ramly of Singapore, just remember that you cannot get sick or every day you’re not open, you’re making a loss.

8. Ramly Burger Has Already Travelled Overseas & It’s Atas AF

If you’re thinking Ramly Burger is something that exists only in Asia, think again. Ramly Burger has gone further than most of us had travelled before, all the way to the streets of America.

The Malaysian Project (TMP) was founded back in 2016 in New York by a group of Malaysians.

And just like how Singapore Chicken Rice cost a lot more in the US, each Ramly Burger by TMP can be sold for as high as $16.50 (USD 12).

Oh yeah, a $16 Ramly Burger. Powder.


9. It’s a Protein-Packed Meal. Sort of.

There will be many who will tell you that Ramly Burger is for cheat days. That it’s not healthy.

But the numbers don’t lie. Or at least, the resident handsome bufflord doesn’t.

According to MyFitnessPal, a Ramly Burger has 476 calories, 16g of fat and 23g of protein.

Here’s what our bufflord said, “Well, the calories are actually pretty okay for a meal. Too much for a snack though. And the protein content’s pretty high.”

So there you go. At least you can enjoy your Ramly burger now without feeling guilty. Probably.


10. The Best Ramly Burger Can Be Found At…

Malaysia. Sorry, my fellow Singaporeans.

But it’s not just any stall in Malaysia. It’s located at Yong Peng, and you’ll only discover it if you take coaches to Malacca or further (coaches usually stop there for a break…a long break, in fact).

And it doesn’t help that you can get the burger with cheese and egg all under RM10.

So if you’re going to Malaysia soon, don’t just go to the toilet in Yong Peng and then order the chicken rice. A gem is hidden there.

Where: Lot 1523, Batu 1/2, Jalan Muar, 83700 Yong Peng, Johor


Featured Image: Demit E / Shutterstock.com

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