10 Facts About Ramly Burgers in Singapore (Why is Ramly Burger Banned in Singapore?)


Last Updated on 2023-05-26 , 3:35 pm

If you’re a local in Singapore, you’re likely to be familiar with the famous Ramly burger.

Despite a plethora of American burger joints spread across the island, the allure of the Ramly burger remains unparalleled.

Here’s everything you need to know about the celebrated Ramly burger in Singapore.

Ramly Burger Singapore: A Delight Amidst Western Varieties

Despite having American burger chains like Shake Shack at Jewel Changi Airport and the upcoming Fatburger, which is set to open two outlets, the Ramly burger holds a special place in the hearts of Singaporeans.

This beloved burger is a go-to choice at Pasar Malam when there’s nothing else exciting to try. Yes, even though the Singapore version isn’t the real deal.

A Friendly Rivalry: Singapore vs Malaysia in the Ramly Burger Arena

Food unites Singaporeans and Malaysians, as seen during the MasterchefUK’s crispy chicken rendang episode.

However, the origin of certain dishes can cause friendly friction. For instance, the Ramly burger, a gift to the culinary world, was created by Malaysia.

Singaporeans, in this case, simply enjoy the fruits of Ramly’s labor.

The Origins of the Ramly Burger

The Ramly Food Processing Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian fast-food and frozen products company, gave birth to the Ramly Burger in 1984.

It was Haji Ramly Mokni, who, with his wife, started selling burgers from street food stalls since 1979.

Their primary goal was to provide a halal-certified meat source for Muslim consumers, solving the problem of unknown halal status of fresh-meat sources.

Why is the Original Ramly Burger Banned in Singapore?

It’s essential to understand why the original Ramly burger is banned in Singapore.

The issue lies with the origin of Ramly’s beef patty, which comes from India. This source hasn’t been approved by Singapore’s Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA).

Consequently, the patties used in Singapore’s versions of Ramly burger come from local brands like Tasty, Sultan Burger, and Armiya. This ban has contributed to a discernible taste difference between the two countries’ versions.

The Price of Craving: Ramly Burger Smuggling Incident

A testament to the Ramly burger’s allure is a Singaporean man’s attempt to smuggle Ramly beef patties into Singapore.


The daring man, who tried to bring nearly 40kg of Ramly beef patties, was caught and sentenced to nine months in jail and fined $8,000.

Clearly, the cost of satisfying one’s craving for this banned delight can indeed be high.

Homemade Ramly Burger

In light of the ‘Ramly burger Singapore banned’ situation, Singaporeans can take solace in the fact that they can create their own version of a Ramly burger at home.

All you need are patties, burger buns, Worchester sauce, and cheese.

However, make sure not to use pork patties, especially if you’re sharing your creation on social media!


Ramly’s Legal Stand on Brand Misuse

Ramly’s commitment to providing halal-certified meat was challenged when a non-halal eatery named Ninja Joe tried to introduce a pork patty burger under the name P.Ramly.

Ramly took a strong stand against this misuse of the brand, resulting in Ninja Joe renaming their product.

The Profitability of Selling Ramly Burgers

The profitability of selling Ramly burgers, even ‘pirated’ versions, at Pasar Malams can’t be ignored.

A calculation by SingSaver revealed a promising profit margin.

Considering the cost price of a Ramly burger in Singapore is around 70 cents, and the selling price averages at $3.50, you could make up to $5,600 a month after deducting operational costs if you sell 200 burgers a day.

Ramly Burger’s International Reach

The Ramly burger isn’t confined to Asia.


The Malaysian Project, founded in 2016 in New York, sells Ramly burgers at a staggering price of $16.50, marking its impressive international reach.

Ramly Burger Calories: A Protein-Rich Indulgence

Though some may argue that a Ramly burger is only for cheat days, it does pack some nutritional value.

According to MyFitnessPal, a Ramly burger contains 476 calories, 16g of fat, and 23g of protein, offering a decent amount of protein for a meal.

The Best Ramly Burger

Despite the popularity of Ramly burgers in Singapore, the best can be found in Malaysia, specifically in Yong Peng. This hidden gem serves the best version of the burger, complete with cheese and egg, all under RM10.

In conclusion, despite the ban and the substitutes in place, the Ramly burger continues to be a beloved entity in Singapore. Its iconic status and taste, albeit different, makes it a continued favorite, proving that sometimes, the heart simply wants what it wants.