10 Facts About The Faulty Lift at Jalan Damai Which Traumatised a Family

There are three things I fear above all else: monsters under my bed, my mum’s cane and malfunctioning lifts. And in case you didn’t get it, the last one’s a huge no-no.

Just imagine being trapped in a lift that’s literally going haywire.

You have no control over it whatsoever, and can only watch and scream as the lift carries you to your doom.

Even bungee jumping would be a more pleasant experience, and that’s freaking speaking volumes.

So naturally, I kind of baulked at the headline (alright I actually kind of got squeamish, but don’t tell my non-existent girlfriend that) and went wtf, it really happened? 

As it turns out, it did, and I was thereafter asked to present not one, not twenty but ten mortifying facts on the incident which I will now flash to you.

So sit back, relax and steer clear of moving elevators while you’re reading this. Because it’s better to be safe than sorry.


A family of four were left distinctly “traumatised” after a lift they were in did a literal roller coaster.

Image: Lianhe Zaobao

Having abruptly surged upwards, the lift exceeded the intended floor and headed all the way to the 14th floor, where it shot back down to the ground floor.

It then ascended to the 14th floor where it finally consented to open its doors, and that’s with the display showing it was on the 9th storey.

Image: Lianhe Zaobao

I guess if you’re optimistic about it, you kind of got more than what you asked for.

But then again, it really doesn’t work in every single context.

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When did it occur?

According to Lianhe Wanbao, the incident transpired at Lift Lobby B of Block 670 Jalan Damai, at around 8:30 p.m. on 6 May.

Here, a map to show you the exact location:

Image: Google Maps

So basically, it’s somewhere around Kaki Bukit.

Video footage

One of the family members actually documented their entire turmoil on video. You can watch it here.

Image: Stomp

Disclaimer: not for the faint-hearted (not really).

What EXACTLY happened?

According to Stomp, the family were returning home at the time of the incident and took the lift at lobby B.

However, Mr Hong, 50, alongside his wife, 19-year-old daughter and 18-year-old son, found the lift working itself a little more than intended.

“It went to the 14th floor, but the doors did not open,” Mr Hong said. “Then it started going down again.

“I quickly pressed the buttons for every floor on the control panel, hoping that then lift would stop.

“My children became frightened and kept asking me why the doors wouldn’t open.

“My wife consoled them, saying that the doors would open once we reach the ground floor.”

Gates of Hell

It seems that Mrs Hong’s comment didn’t quite hit the mark.

When the lift finally reached the ground floor, it started to ascend again, and this time at a more rapid pace.

It got so out of control that Mr Hong admitted that he and his family were “at a loss”. Holding each other’s hands, they actually braced for impact (that’s unity, people).

Thankfully, the lift didn’t really emulate a landing rocket. Instead, it finally ceased its hyperactive ways, and they found themselves on the 14th floor when the lift display indicated that it was actually the 9th floor.

“When I stepped out from the lift, I felt like we just escaped the gates of hell!”

Image: Tenor

Immediate action

Upon reaching home, Mr Hong instantly took it to the town council, and was told that technicians would be “dispatched to do an inspection on the lift”.

His wife, on the other hand, put up a notice outside the lift cautioning residents not to use the lift. Talk about a responsible couple.

Thereafter, it was determined that the lift would stop operating temporarily. Too bad for those wanting to try the all-new lift attraction, I guess.

This wasn’t the first time something like it happened

Just a day before, another family were in the lift when it abruptly ceased moving on the third floor, before descending “quickly to the ground floor”.

Another resident, Ms Nur Farahnishyah Khalid, claimed to have gone through several times of taking the lift when it would “suddenly stop and then plunge”.

Image: Giphy


When prompted, a spokesman for Aljunied-Hougang Town Council confirmed that the maligned lift in question has indeed malfunctioned, and expressed that the lift’s operation at Lobby B has been suspended on 6 May for the safety of the residents. Contractors have also been tasked to verify the cause of the fault.

Additionally, the spokesman added that the town council understood the situation and that they will try to restore the lift as soon as possible for the sake of the residents’ convenience.

And guess what?

Two days later, on 8 May, the lift successfully resumed operations. The town council, however, will continue to monitor the situation.

That doesn’t sound too reassuring, does it? But I guess you just gotta take what you can get.

In addition, Mr Pritam Singh, the MP for Aljunied-Hougang GRC, has apologised for the faulty lifts at Jalan Damai.

He said that the SOP for HDB blocks is to replace the lifts at the 28-year mark. The town council has begun the five-year lift replacement programme since last year.

Concerned Netizens

Netizens have since reached out on Stomp’s website to express their concerns:

Image: Stomp
Image: Stomp

Although someone condemned the incident for a particularly different reason:

Image: Stomp

And this leads us to the burning question.

With last year’s Sigma Elevator malfunctioning lift incidents still in the back of peoples’ minds, you can’t help but wonder:

Is the next time I take the elevator… the last?

Alright, just jesting. But if you’re really paranoid, just let someone take the lift before you.

Should the lift not gyrate up and down like a damn roller coaster, chances are that it should be fine.

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