10 Facts About White Hair That’ll Make You Start (or Stop) Plucking Them Again

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Some of us are blessed with beautiful, lustrous black hair. It’s as if you’ve just stepped out of a Head & Shoulders ad.

As for others, we have the same enchanting hair, but then there’s a couple of white strands sticking out.

No matter how to try to hide it with the rest of your black hair, it just drags its sorry ass out and says peekaboo to the world. You’d sure like to know more about white hair, though.

Here are 10 things you’d want to know about white hair today.

Hair Actually CAN Bleach Itself
There are arguments going about among scientists on whether gray hair’s caused by a build-up of hydrogen peroxide. Here’s the deal – all hair cells have parts of hydrogen peroxide in them, but as you grow older, the catalese enzymes that work to convert the extra hydrogen peroxide into molecules of oxygen and water drop. The result? Grey hair.

Does Plucking Your Hair Cause MORE Grey Ones?
No, it doesn’t. That doesn’t necessarily mean you can happily pluck all your white hair out now lah. There are other ways to deal with it, you know.

Stress Causes More Grey Hair
Yes, your high levels of stress can actually accelerate the growth of white hair. So please, have fun and be happy more.

Your Genes
Blame your grandpa or mom for it- you most probably got your white hair traits from them.


You Are What You Eat
If you eat poorly, it’s going to cost you the vitality of your hair. The final turn involves your hair turning white. So do always eat clean, and ensure you get sufficient amounts of biotin and vitamins too.

Your Lifestyle Affects Your White Hair
In this case, it’s also the extras you put on your plate, apart from keeping yourself fit. Munch on carrots and add liver to your diet – these foods are known to keep toxins at bay and prevent diseases too.

The Race And the Hair
Asians tend to start developing grey hair in their 40s, and while Caucasians get them earlier on from 30 years and up. So, your race also has something to do with it lor.

Smoking Also Causes White Hair
And not just that – it’s also the invitation for other beauty and health related problems. A study done in 2013 also showed a positive correlation between smoking and the occurrence of white hair before hitting 30, so smoker, beware.

Sometimes, It’s Just Aging
There’s this thing called the 50-50 rule, where around half the population get grey hair by the time they are 50. It is only natural for your hair to age as your skin does too. The only thing you can do to keep it at bay is to be the fittest, healthiest version of yourself!

White Hair is Sadly, Colour Unfriendly
If you try and colour your hair when it’s graying, chances are the dye might not stick. If you want better coverage, get a darker shade.

So, what are you going to do about white hair?


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