10 Facts About Woodlands That Even Woodland-ers Didn’t Know Of

Woodlands, nestled in the north of Singapore, is not a sleepy town.

Apart from the fact that boasts a huge ass library and one the best polytechnics in Singapore, RP—can’t help it since it is my alma mater—what else do you know about this idyllic town.

Image: straitstimes.com

I mean, we are so used to east-siders and west-siders squabbling—one of the many highlights in our office—we don’t see the north-siders saying anything.

You know why?

Coz’ they have it good up there.

But for those who have no clue on what Woodlands has to offer, including those who actually stay there, well let me tell you.

1) Why is it call Woodlands?

The first syllable should be an obvious hint. When viewed from the Johor side of the Straits, the town looks heavily-wooded.

Thus the combination of wood and lands, you get Woodlands!

2) Four estates

Woodlands has four estates in total—Woodlands, Admiralty, Woodgrove and Marsiling.

If you frequent the NS-Line, you would notice that they all have their own MRT stations, excluding Woodgrove.

If you were wondering, there is a big difference between Woodlands New Town and Woodlands, Singapore as the latter is a collective of the four aforementioned estates.

3) You’re always near an MRT

I mean, think of it. There are 3 stations for Woodlands while most towns have one station, and if you happen to stay far from it, you’re basically ****ed.

According to a site, 90% of Woodlands population live within 1 KM range from the MRT

4) How many people are residing there?

According to HDB’s site, there are about 241,900 people staying in Woodlands as of 31 March 2017.

It is densely populated if you compare it to Hougang which has about 180,500 residents given the fact that it is the largest HDB town based on land area.

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5) Woodlands Town Garden

Somewhere in Woodlands, there is a garden that resembles the Chinese and Japanese garden.

The only difference between them?

Woodlands Town Garden has no opening or closing hours. Perfect for couples who wanna date at night to hang out at.

6) The first HDB built in Woodlands was in 1972

At Woodlands New Town. Now it’s more than 40 years old, so should we start calling it middle-aged town? Or “not-so-new” town?

But heck, 1972 is really a looooooong time ago, considering Singapore’s short history!

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7) Woodlands Town Centre is a ghost town

Back in its heydays, it was teeming with people and it was the last stop in Singapore before you head to JB.

Image: throughtheyears87.blogspot.com

It used to house a slew of shops, from fast-food establishments such as KFC and McDonalds to the Woodlands Cinema which lost its lustre after Cathay Cineplex opened at Causeway Point.


8) The so-called haunted block, Woodlands Street 83, 852

Block 852 has a very grim history.

Image: Muhammad Shirazee bin Ahmad

Back during the SARS period, it was apparently used as lodging for workers and a quarantine area.

To make it even scarier, there was a grisly murder in 2009, in which a mother stabbed her teenage daughter right through the heart.

Rumour has it that the spirit lurks in the vicinity.

9) A hotspot for kite-flying enthusiasts

My commute back home from school was always mesmerizing during the evening twilight as the bus will pass by a hill which is right beside the prestigious Singapore Sports School.


If you like flying kites, then you don’t have to head to Marina Barrage, you would be able to get a perfect Instagram shot that is worthy to be the book cover of The Kite Runner.

And if you’re looking to rendezvous with your bae, this could be a neat little spot.

10) TRCC

I mean, how many residents can say that their town boasts a cultural centre?

The Republic Cultural Centre has dance studios, black box theatres and a café (which serves up a plate of mean ass chicken chop) under one roof.

Image: rp.edu.sg

I mean, if you want to feel cultured, you can always check the place out as they tend to have performances including their annual Momentum Dance Festival and IGNITE! Music Festival (just like Laneway minus the hipsters).



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