10 Facts About ACES Days You Need to Know Other Than ‘Side, Side, Poot, Flush’

After graduating, you probably look back on your primary and secondary school days from time to time and wonder about some activities you did as a whole school.

One of them is probably ACES day which nobody really bothers about or know what it really is for but just do it for the sake of it. What do you remember about this iconic day?

This is what it really stands for

All Children Exercise Simultaneously is what ACES mean but well, it is a handful to even read it.

It used to be part of the Great Singapore Workout

Since the kids were in school, they had to have a separate day dedicated to promoting physical activity and fitness. However, when it was first implemented, the kids did the same workout as the adults.

It is actually aerobics and not dance

Well, some people might be mistaken but it really is aerobics and not a dance routine.

Students used to get a yellow cap

This might be many years ago but yellow caps were handed out on ACES Day so everyone could ‘perform’ together. All schools, across Singapore.

Of course, students will repeat silly lines while doing it

Like “Side, side, poot, flush”. Well, such simple instructions did make the whole thing easier and livelier.

It transformed over the years

Well, with the phasing out of the Great Singapore Workout and passing of so many years, it is no surprise that ACES Day has changed. Nowadays, the exercises are not synchronised across all schools. Rather, most schools come up with simple dance steps along with some interesting music to encourage the students to participate actively.

It is usually held in tandem with Teachers’ Day celebration

I’m not sure if this holds true for all schools but I vividly remember that all the ACES Day exercises I’ve done were on the same day as Teachers’ Day celebration where we will usually have ACES Day before the celebration.

Most students don’t do it anyways

Especially those who are hiding at the back or in the middle where no teacher can catch them.

The spreading out part at the start was the most fun

Everyone will just start swinging their arms around and disturbing each other until the teacher gives a stare. Those fun childish times!

No one really bothers to stretch either

Its’s just a chore…

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That definitely took me down the memory lane and I wonder how ACES Day is like these days.

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