10 Facts About Airlines That’ll Make You Go, ‘Oh, So That’s Why!’


Last Updated on 2022-10-03 , 11:03 am

Do you fly often? Even if you do, you might not know these 10 facts that’ll explain some of the strange mysteries on every flight that you’ve taken.

1. The plane can still fly safely with minor repairs NOT done

Before you panic and swear off taking the plane forever, let us assure you that it is perfectly safe to take the plane even if some minor repairs are not done.

The plane will never be allowed to take off unless it passes the stringent check before the plane is confirmed to be safe for take-off.

Nonetheless, the minor faults that do not affect the function and safety of the plane are usually repaired later to avoid major flight delays.

2. The Captain and Co-Pilot take different meals

This is not discrimination. It is for a safety reason. If, for some reason, one of them gets food poisoning, at least there’s another pilot to replace him.

Of course, not every airline practise this, but it is a good idea, isn’t it?

3. The hand grips at the door inside the plane have an important purpose

These hand grips are meant to save the lives of flight attendants in the event of panic onboard.

During the preparation of the emergency exit, panicking passengers can accidentally knock down the flight attendant at the door, or even pushed them from the plane. These hand grips are used to help the flight attendant stay upright.

4. The real reason why handphones must be turned off before taking off and landing

We are always told to turn off our handphones before taking off and landing because the signal will interfere with the plane’s system. That is actually a myth.

The real reason is that a handphone can create static on the plane’s radio signal. The pilots may have issues listening to important information from the dispatcher on the ground.

Hence, it is important for us to cooperate and turn off our phones during the flight.

5. No Smoking rule imposed isn’t because of safety reasons (at least not totally)

We are often told by other folks that smoking is prohibited on the plane because of the risk of fire and passive smoking from other passengers. The reason regarding the former is rather doubtful because smoking was allowed in the past.

The real reason behind the ban on smoking is an economic one. The air on a plane is constantly filtered for the best air quality onboard.

Resins and smoke tend to wear out the filter much faster. Of course, the complaints from non-smoking passengers about the smoke stench is likely another economic reason.

But seriously, why would you smoke in a plane?


6. The toilet doors can be easily opened from outside

There is a hidden switch on the door that is usually under the “No Smoking” or “Lavatory” sign that can be used to open the toilet door from outside.

It’s not for perverts. It is for emergency use when a person feels sick inside or faints while inside the toilet. The switch will help flight attendants to quickly open the door and attend to the sick person instead of wasting time to break the door.

Consider that the next time you want to join the Mile High Club and you’re a screamer. It might not be a good idea to do it. #JustSaying

7. Treat the flight attendants with respect and they will treat you as a valued passenger

This is actually a no-brainer. Nobody likes to be treated unfairly; especially a person in the service line. Flight attendants are professionals and should be accorded the respect of a professional.

Be polite and ask for what you want or need in a nice way and they will do whatever they can to accommodate you.


On the other hand, they can give you only the minimum service if you are rude and disrespectful.

8. Aisle and window seat armrests are movable too

Some people feel uncomfortable with armrests and wish that they can lift the armrests on the aisle and window seat. Actually, this can be done. There is a small button hidden near the end of the armrest that you can press to raise the armrest.

9. Airline employees and their immediate family get cheaper air tickets

Most airlines provide their employees and the immediate family with cheap tickets. Some airlines even give them free tickets. In general, when an employee buys tickets, he or she only pays for the taxes and duties; the ticket itself is usually free.

Ask your friends working in SIA. You’ll get what I mean.

10. Finally, a note about piloting the plane

If you have looked out the window while the plane is taking off, you would have noticed huge numbers on the runways.

They are not there to label the runways, but these numbers denote how many degrees the runway is from the magnetic north, rounded to the tens. It guides the pilot to choose the correct grade to take.