10 Facts about the Creepy Doll in Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station


Here’s something that will spice your train rides up: a lone doll sits creepily at Dhoby Ghaut MRT station, staring at passengers creepily as they pass by. With its emotionless, still eyes and ‘innocent’ sitting posture, it had given quite a few riders a scare on 31st January.

Student Ashley Soo was one of the commuters who had sighted the doll at along the train track, and quickly tweeted the strange picture.

Responses varied from shock to amused, to suspicion that this was some hidden camera prank or SMRT slip up. She had told ChannelNewAsia that she and her friends had taken pictures together, but the train had barely stopped before setting off towards Somerset, leaving them still shocked and trying to register what had happened.

from www.channelnewsasia.com

What was most shocking was probably the doll’s placement. If it had been dropped onto the tracks by a child, it would likely be lying face down or on its back. Instead, this toy was idly set on the ledge by the side, not even on the tracks. Its posture almost suggests it’s greeting commuters while the train passes its by. As if it had moved out of the path of danger…

from Twitter

The SMRT staff were quick to remedy the situation by searching for the doll and removing it from the tracks the next day. The sight of staff searching for the doll with a torchlight was captured and posted on twitter and ignited feelings of both reassurance and doubt.

from Twitter user @nightmxrz

Keep your eyes out in case there’s another visitor to SMRT. Who knows if it’ll be a passenger the next time?

Else, it might be a marketing ploy by SMRT to get their commuters to take the train again after the slew of train breakdowns that have made commuters lose their confidence in them.

But well, what do we know? 

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