10 facts About Eu Yan Sang That Even Your Grandparents Didn’t Know Of


You’re sick and in need of a quick fix. The first thing you look for is a bottle of chicken essence to boost you up. And we all pretty much know what that leads to.

A bottle of Eu Yan Sang’s Essence of Chicken in your hands. After a couple of daily doses, you feel the shift in gears in your body, and you’re ready to rumble again!

Now here’s some fantastic facts on the brand that’s good to know.


They’ve Got Clinics Too

There are close to 30 TCM clinics run by Eu Yan Sang in Malaysia and Singapore alone! Here’s some of the locations – Ang Mo Kio, Chinatown, Clementi and Hougang.

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The Spark of the Business

Eu Kong Pai was from Guangdong, China, but he started his medicinal practice when he shifted to Gopeng in Malaysia.

Foot Reflexology

The clinic offer treatments for body and feet ailments with the traditional foot reflexology method.

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Acupuncture’s Offered Too!

If you don’t scream at the sight of needles and need a fix for that aching muscle, you could give acupuncture a try at one of their many traditional Chinese clinics.

Eu Yan Sang Bird Nest Gallery

Yes, there’s a gallery dedicated to bird’s nests. The first of its kind here in Singapore. Learn more about swiftlets and how their nests are harvested and used as a health supplement or delicacy. The gallery is in Chinatown.


Kid-Friendly Too

Their physicians are trained to treat kids (duh!). There’s even play rooms or corners designed to keep your kids occupied while they wait for their turn. It’s just like another visit to your local clinic.

Lose Weight with Eu Yan Sang

You could lose weight with the help of acupuncture slimming (yes, you read that right!) which will help you control your appetite and stimulate your digestion.

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Home Deliveries

If you’re a client of the Eu Yan Sang TCM clinics, you’d be able to get subsequent herbal prescription delivered to your doorstep.

Have Your Health Taken Care Of at Home

Eu Yan Sang’s domiciliary care is great for elderly people and even you too. TCM healthcare has never been this mobile before!

Skin Treatments As Well

Sufferers of eczema, acne, psioriasis and even atopic dermatitis – just to name a few, can now get themselves treated at Eu Yan Sang. And guess what? It works pretty damned well!

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