10 Facts About Lee Hsien Yang, Who Might be Sued by Two Singapore Ministers Soon


Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably already heard the newest update to the Ridout Road saga—K Shanmugam and Vivian Balakrishnan are going to sue Lee Hsien Yang unless he apologises and pays damages.

If you haven’t already heard, here’s a quick TLDR: Lee Hsien Yang posted on his Facebook, accusing Mr Shanmugam and Dr Balakrishnan of corruption in the Ridout Road saga. Lee has since been POFMA-ed.

We bet TOC is jumping for joy from Taiwan now—finally, someone else other than TOC that’s being POFMA-ed.

Regardless, Lee has responded on Facebook, stating that he stands by what he said about the two ministers. He also did not bother apologising for his post.

You can read this to learn why the ministers want to sue Lee until his pants drop.

In the meantime, here are ten facts about the man of the hour, Lee Hsien Yang, so you don’t sound like a suaku at the coffee shop.

1. Lee Hsien Yang’s Education

Catholic High School students, rejoice (or don’t, your call)! Lee Hsien Yang is your alumni. He later went on to do his junior college education at National Junior College.

Subsequently, Lee did his university education at Trinity College, Cambridge, under the President’s Scholarship and Singapore Armed Forces Overseas Scholarship.

Guess what he studied? Engineering Science.

Yes, you read that right. This Singapore businessman studied engineering science.

Perhaps it’s okay if you don’t go on to do whatever your degree is.


2. Lee Hsien Yang Signed On in the SAF Before Joining the Private Sector

Did you know Lee signed on in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF)? Metal rice bowl blah blah. He spent nearly two decades in the SAF.

During his time in the SAF, Lee was in and out of several appointments, such as the second Singapore Infantry Brigade Commander.

However, you may or may not be surprised to hear this—before retiring and joining the private sector; Lee held the rank of brigadier-general.

3. Lee Hsien Yang’s Career at Singtel

Now, for a breakdown of Lee’s private sector career.

Lee kickstarted his journey in the private sector by joining Singtel in 1994. Initially, he was the Executive Vice President of Local Services.

One year later, Lee became the chief executive of Singtel.

Power lah. 

Lee served as the CEO of Singtel for more than a decade, until 2007. So, if you had any issues with Singtel during that period, you know who to blame lah.

4. Lee Hsien Yang’s Career at F&N

After Lee’s time at Singtel, he assumed the Non-Executive Director and Charmain-designate positions at Fraser and Neave (F&N).

Yes, that F&N. The one that makes your 100Plus, Nutrisoy and Fruit Tree juices.


Lee Hsien Yang is everywhere.

One month later, Lee climbed the ranks and became F&N’s Non-Executive Chairman. He stayed on the board for six years until 2013.

5. Chairman of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore

In 2009, then-Transport Minister Raymond Lim appointed Lee the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) Chairman.

This coincided with the restructuring of the CAAS to focus on regulatory and strategic functions.

The businessman stayed in the position until 2018.

6. Other Positions in the Private Sector 

Lee also held several other impressive positions in the private sector throughout the years.


Lee has done everything from being the Chairman of the Singapore Exchange (SGX) Audit Committee to being a member of the International Advisory Board of Rolls-Royce Holdings.

Bro’s LinkedIn is stacked.

7. Joined the PSP in 2020 

All the glory of Lee’s private sector days ended when he joined the opposition party Progress Singapore Party (PSP), at that point led by Tan Cheng Bock, in 2020.

This move to politics was despite Lee’s earlier comment in 2006 that he had “no great interest to pursue a career in politics”.

Instead, the reason Lee gave for his sudden pivot to politics was this: he believed that the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) had “lost its way”.


Given the allegations he has made against the two Ridout Road ministers, we’re sure he still believes the same.

8. Lee Might Run for the 2023 Presidential Election

Although Lee did not run for the general election in 2020, this doesn’t mean that the presidential election is not hanging around the back of his mind.

While he has not mentioned anything confirming his potential presidential candidacy, earlier this year, he considered contesting the presidential election.

And if he does, he would meet the qualification criteria for presidential candidates looking to depend on their private sector experience.

However, his problem comes here: he and his wife were found to have lied under oath in handling the last will of the late Lee Kuan Yew.

Not very president-material per se.

We’re not sure if Lee will announce his candidacy out of nowhere soon, but we sure hope he remembers what he said when he declined to run for the 2020 general elections: “Singapore doesn’t need another Lee”.

9. Met Wife at the University of Cambridge

You might know that Lee’s wife is Lim Suet Fern, but do you know how the pair met?


If you don’t, fret not. Goody Feed has already helped you to kaypoh and found out.

Lee first met Lim when he was studying at the University of Cambridge.

After the pair married, Lim’s career started taking off. What Lim has under her belt include being the founder and managing partner of Stamford Law Corporation and a president of the Inter-Pacific Bar Association.

Power couple sia. 

10. Lee Has Three Children 

Together, Lee and Lim have three sons.

If you’re studying at Harvard, you might get the chance to catch Lee’s oldest son around the campus. Lee’s oldest son, Li Shengwu, is the Assistant Professor of Economics at Harvard.

The middle child, Li Huanwu, made news in 2018 when he came out of the closet. After all, Singaporeans are just this kay poh lah. 

If anyone else comes out, no one bats an eye. The son of Lee Hsien Yang comes out; suddenly, it’s a huge deal.

We hope Mr Lee Kuan Yew isn’t rolling from his grave from the news.