10 facts about Night Safari that will blow your mind away

We’ve all heard and probably even visited the Night Safari at some point in our lives, and most of us probably think we know everything there is to know about it—it’s dark, and they have awesome Halloween tours. But did you know that the place has got a lot of hidden facts, some of which we bet you don’t know?

Let’s take a look at the 10 most intriguing facts of this coveted place.

It’s the First of its Kind
Yes, the Night Safari was the first ever nocturnal zoo that was opened back in 1994!


The Brain Child of the Night Safari
The idea to open a zoo at night came in the 1980s from Ong Swee Law (the zoo’s former chairman). He suggested creating an open space for nocturnal animals to go free-range.

How Long Did It Take To Realise?
The Night Safari project took all of 4 years to plan and an extra 3 years to build.

What Was Its Cost?
The total cost of constructing the Night Safari came at a whopping $63 million.

What’s the Secret of Its Lighting?
The lighting was designed to mimic a jungle scene during a full moon. It was done under the direction of Simon Corder, a British consultant.

The First Exhibition Still Runs
The Fishing Cat Trail runs until this day and was initially a testing space for plants, moats and of course, lighting.

Baby Boom in the Safari
The first-ever Sunda pangolin to be born in captivity took place at the Night Safari on yes, of all days, Valentine’s Day in 2010. Talk about timing, huh?

Senior Citizen Animals in the Park
One of the famous seniors in the Night Safari is a 34-year old Malayan tapir named Manis (Sweet). She was the oldest living tapir to survive in captivity. Manis’ legacy lives on in the form of her grandchild, Putri (Princess).

The Fire Breathing Show
The performers refer to themselves as the Thumbuakar tribe of Borneo, but in reality, no tribe of such a name exists in Borneo or any other part of the world. Still, the sight of the fire-breathing show is incredible, and you’ll be blown away for 30 minutes!

You Could Become a Volunteer
Yes, you might just be picked to be part of the night show’s extravaganza. Sit next to one while they come and tickle and nudge you into laughter.

I promise you, it’s an experience you can’t replicate elsewhere, and you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Top Image: walterericsy / Shutterstock.com