10 Facts About the NS50 Perks That Both NSmen & Their Bae Should Know

NS50 is this year, and the government is giving out a special appreciation package to all existing NSmen and full-time NS servicemen.

Information about the package have been slowly trickling out, and we summarized everything there is to know into 10 facts for you (whether you’re a NSman or his bae) here.

1. Cash Vouchers

As reported quite a while back, the NS50 appreciation package will contain $100 worth of cash vouchers that can be redeemed at over 250 merchants. The list of participating merchants can be found on the official NS50 website here. The vouchers can also be used to extend your SAFRA or HomeTeamNS membership.

2. PAssion Card Membership

Aside from the vouchers, National Servicemen will also be receiving a complimentary NS50 PAssion Card with five years of free membership. This will allow servicemen to enjoy all the perks and benefits that PAssion card members enjoy, such as discounts at community clubs, sports outlets and PAssion card merchants.

3. SAFRA Membership

A complimentary 1-year SAFRA or HomeTeamNS membership will also be extended to all servicemen. However, this free membership is only for Operationally Ready National Servicemen (NSmen), and if you have served in both the SAF and SCDF/SPF, your membership for either SAFRA of HomeTeamNS will be determined by your latest NS posting as of 1 January 2017.

4. Eligibility

The package itself will be available for all Fulltime National Servicemen (NSFs) and NSmen, but different parts of the package will be available for servicemen at different stages of their service. The vouchers are available for every serviceman, the PAssion Card membership is available for every serviceman, but the SAFRA and HomeTeamNS membership are only available for NSmen.

5. Notification and Registration

An eligibility notice will be sent by mail for those who are not currently SAFRA or HomeTeamNS members. They will then have to log on to the respective redemption portals at the SAFRA or HomeTeamNS pages to redeem the packages. Current SAFRA or HomeTeamNS members will receive their packages by mail, or at appreciation ceremonies held by the People’s Association (PA).

6. Appreciation Ceremonies

Since 9th April, PA have planned for 52 appreciation ceremonies across the island, to show appreciation for the servicemen who have served the country in the past 50 years. Those who attended will receive their appreciation packages at the ceremony itself, and others will receive theirs by mail.

7. Actual Package

The Recognition Package itself will either be in a white envelope sent on Government Service, or a green SmartPac plastic folder. Both will have the NS50 logo printed on the front.

Image: safra.sg

Pretty cool, isn’t it?

8. NS50 SAFRA Events

Numerous events will be held throughout the year by SAFRA and HomeTeamNS to celebrate NS50, ranging from exhibitions and open houses to showcase the different forces and their histories, to various sports events, like the 50 Years of Fitness event by SAFRA, which showcases the evolution of IPPT and Physical Training over the years.

9. Other Perks

As of now, those mentioned above are all the perks we know of. However, news of more details regarding the Recognition Package will be released up till June this year, so you can cross your fingers for more perks and free stuff in the packages.

As this year is NS50, merchants around Singapore will be having promotions to commemorate the anniversary and show their support, for a week starting from SAF day in July.

10. Deadlines

The NS50 Recognition Package will be mailed to existing servicemen with SAFRA or HomeTeamNS membership within the second half of the year. Those who have to register online (those without the relevant memberships) will have to do so by 30 June 2018. Upon registration, the package will be mailed within 4 to 8 weeks to the address provided at registration.

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