10 foods that’ll make your hair grow faster and thicker

Last Updated on 2017-05-28 , 11:37 am

You spend at least a few minutes in front of the mirror each day primping your crowning glory, the luscious locks of hair gracing your head. For girls, this can take way longer than that, especially those who have Rapunzel-like tresses.

You take pride on your appearance and would absolutely love to have commercial-ready hair, all shiny, glossy and thick. Or perhaps you regret cutting your hair into that pixie cut that seem like a good idea at that time and would like to accelerate the growth of your hair.

If these sounds like you, read on to know what kind of foods to eat help your hair grow fast and thick.

Our hair needs Vitamin D and protein to be healthy and this fish is chock-full of it. The omega- 3 fatty acids that salmon contains doesn’t hurt either as these nutrients promote a healthy scalp as well.

Oysters are more than just a much touted aphrodisiac, it is absolutely packed with zinc. Zinc is essential for preventing hair loss and unhealthy scalp conditions such as dry, flaky skin.

We already know omega-3 s are a good friend of the scalp and eggs can add these into your diet. In addition, the biotin available in eggs helps to accelerate hair growth for long, beautiful locks.

Sweet Potatoes
Sweet potatoes are already a great health food and a delicious one at that. Add this tasty tuber into your diet to improve the health of your scalp and boost hair growth. This is because they are an excellent source of beta carotene which will be processed into Vitamin A, an essential vitamin for cell functioning.

Similar to eggs, almonds are also loaded with biotin which is necessary for beautiful thick hair. Consume almonds for a few months and you can see the results for yourself.

Dark Green Leafy Vegetables
Vegetables are always necessary for a balanced diet. In this case, these vegetables are great helpers in your quest for long, thick hair. Simply loaded with a host of minerals and vitamins such as vitamin A, C, iron and zinc ,these vegetables will improve the overall health of your hair and scalp.

Fresh fruits rich in vitamin C prevent hair from breaking so that the strands are able to grow as long as you wish. Hair follicles are nourished as well when you eat fruits such as berries, oranges and kiwis.

Protect your hair follicles by consuming wholegrains such as oats, buckwheat and barley which contain zinc, vitamin B and iron. They also assist in regulating hormones that affect the length and thickness of your hair.

Beans and Lentils
As you are already aware, nutrients like zinc, iron, biotin and protein are some of your hair’s best friends. Powerhouses like soy beans, kidney beans and lentiles maintain the health of your scalp and hair.

Sunflower Seeds
This addictive little snacks packs quite an infusion of vitamin E. By eating less than a handful of these seeds, you can improve blood flow to your scalp which will in turn enhance the speed of hair growth.

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