10 Free Exercise Classes in S’pore To Get Rid of the ‘CNY Belly’

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It’s 11 Feb, and you know what that means:

You’ve just feasted your way through a week’s worth of CNY goodies. Yums.

But here’s the thing. While those pineapple tarts are no doubt delicious, and those Suji cookies unquestionably tantalising, the fact remains that the calories you consumed, and in the process accumulated over the following week is in no way appetising at all.

In fact, if you just look down you’ll probably see something poking out, and before you think dirty I’m referring to what the ancient Elders of China deemed as…

An honest to goodness ‘CNY Belly’.

Seen it? Felt it? Squished it? Well, if you do, I’ll bet that you want to rectify it, and what better than some free exercise classes in Singapore to absolve the problem-

You: Wait a darn minute. Did you just assume that I ate dozens and dozens of CNY goodies, and got fat from it?

No of course not, I’m just generalising-

You: It’s cos I’m Chinese, right? OF COURSE it’s because I’m Chinese. What, just because Chinese have a tendency to eat pineapple tarts and buckets of white rice you assume I’m just like everyone else?

No, I don’t-

You: Well, I’M DONE WITH YOU AND YOUR NONSENSE. If you know what’s good for you you’ll leave Goody Feed and become a monk and repent for your cardinal sins.

… I’ll just leave now.

We’ve often waited for tomorrow for a meal with our family. But what if tomorrow never comes? Watch this and you'll understand:

You: Wait!


You: Before you shave your hair, how about telling me some of those exercise class details first? And I’m asking for a friend, alright? 

… hehhh.

1. Kpop x Fitness

Fitness can be a dreary thing, seeing how it involves you panting for your life and anyone, anyone would probably prefer eating a pack of chips over that. But what if I tell you that you could get fit doing something you love, with honest to goodness…

K-Pop inspired workouts?

Lest you’re unaware (which I highly doubt), K-Pop’s all the rage nowadays and it’s hard to argue otherwise. With dope ass music soundtracks and flawless visuals up for your perusal, it’s no wonder millions around the world have fallen ‘victim’ to the captivating ‘K-pop’ scene.

Image: Amino Apps

And honestly speaking, with the appeal K-Pop possesses and the adrenaline rush it provides fitness junkies, it’s only a matter of time before someone puts one and one together. And luckily for you, the ever-maniacal K-Pop fan, it’s here:

A range of workouts inspired by K-Pop.

With fitness classes that will have you sweating to the hottest Korean tunes, your stamina will be improved, and those accursed ‘CNY’ calories will be forced to vacate your body. And because the workouts involve primarily arm and leg movements, they are suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels, so bring along your K-Pop-loving grandma while you’re at it too!

You can sign up for a session under the Health Promotion Board’s Sunrise In The City or Fitness @ Work.

2. K-kardio

Let’s say that you’re a more established person on the fitness scale. You love G-Dragon and T.O.P. to the death, but the aforementioned fitness workouts sound a tad bit too tame for your liking. What are you supposed to do?

Well, worry not, for I’ve just the solution for you. Introducing…


Image: J Platform Youtube

Boasting a dance practicum that will get you pumped up to the most trendy Korean tunes, the ‘fun’ workout will have you do such fitness and dance elements as kickboxingaerobics and hip-hop dancing.

Plus, plus, you’ll also be doing moves that the Korean bands do, so this might be your chance to live out that pop-star dream. Channeling that G-Dragon dream while burning off pineapple tarts? Hell yeah!

You can search for a session under the Sunrise In The City programme.

3. Mall workouts

My friend Peter Piper once told me that window shopping’s technically an exercise.

“I’m walking around the mall while I’m window shopping, which means that I’m actually burning calories as I’m doing so!”

Well, he’s not exactly wrong in that aspect, with all things considered. But honestly speaking, there are way more effective workouts in the same ‘arena’, and one of them happens to be…

Mall workouts.

With free hour-long workouts conducted at various local malls, these workouts will get your heart rate up, and your stress levels down. And the best thing about it? There’s no troublesome pre-registration required! Simply walk into the session, and you’re all but ready to rumble.

You can check out the latest schedule here. Just remember to turn up, and use your belly as motivation if your resolution falters.

Image: Giphy

4. HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) classes

Image: Honeycombers Singapore

HIIT is feared, and for good reason. Despite being an effective way to make you look and feel fit, HIIT is primarily a workout method that involves short intervals of high-intensity exercises and high intervals of ‘I wanna die and reincarnate as a butterfly’ thoughts. But like everything else, you do get what’s worth, and HIIT is a great way to burn fat and build strength. And that leads to our main topic at hand:

Free HIIT classes.

Sure, you can perform HIIT alone, but what are the chances of you pushing yourself when you’re exhausted and on the brink of throwing in that towel? With group classes, you won’t need to possess that steely mental fortitude, seeing how there will be countless other ‘victims’ beside you, all struggling to clear the ‘stage’ once and for all. Think Basic Military Training in the army, but for everyone.

Besides Sunrise In The City, Health Promotion Board has a quick HIIT programme as well (which you can check out here). Other free variations also exist, ranging from Boulder HIIT to HIIT Yoga to even Avengers HIIT.

A session to feel like Thor? Sign me up! (Editor: famous last words)

5. Piloxing

Pilates is fun. Boxing is fun. Dancing is fun. But do you wanna know something that’s even more fun?

Piloxing, because why not?

Image: JustRunLah!

Being a fusion (think Rojak) of all three elements, Piloxing is a high-energy interval workout that gets your heart racing, all while sculpting and lengthening (?!?!) your body through several pilates moves. Your arms will get toned through the boxing motions, and you’ll definitely get a natural high (who needs sweets or even alcohol?) from all that energy.

You can comb for a free piloxing session under the Sunrise In The City programme.

6. Fight Do

If you fancy yourself as a wannabe Connor McGregor artist, this one’s for you. Basically a workout that combines the best of boxing and martial arts, Fight Do lends you an opportunity to bring out your inner Warrior spirit. Think 300, but you’re the one kicking people down holes.

Image: Giphy

With punches, kicks and blocks all incorporated in the mix, expect to attend a fun class that burns up to 800 calories in a session. 800. That’s like 10 pineapple tarts.

Image: Giphy

You can try a free Fight Do session under the Fitness @ Work programme.

7. Zumba

Zumba, an exercise that mixes dance and aerobic movements and has you perform them to the beat of energetic music, has been here for more than a decade. Yet it’s a sure testament to the programme’s popularity, that it’s relevant even till this day and still winning over new fans.

Image: Groupon

And really, we don’t wonder why. With moves from dances like salsa, samba, merengue and hip-hop, as well as exercises such as squats and lunges, Zumba’s a really fun way to spend an hour. and it even rewards you for your efforts with ample calories burnt. All the damage from those delectable Ferrero Rochers? Gone.

Zumba is available under the Mall Workout, Fitness @ Work and Sunrise In The City programmes. You can book your session for free today.

8. Yogalates

There’s no doubt that those classic CNY goodies compromise your physical health, what with their caloric damage and all, but what about your mental health? It’s no secret that apart from being laden with calories, those goodies are packed with sugar, sodium and related addictives, and would no doubt affect your mental state from thereon.

Image: Tenor

And so, if you’re looking for something that doesn’t just correct your physical state but mental state as well, why don’t you check out Yogalates?

As its name suggests, Yogalates is a mixture of both yoga and pilates, and the exercises and poses involved permit you to work within your own limits as well as strain as much as you desire to. Lest you’re unaware, stretching your body will ease up your joints and increase flexibility and endurance, all while toning your muscles.

You can try out a yogalates class for free under the Sunrise In The City programme.

9. Running

Image: RunSociety

If you’ve always felt the need to run but never entertained it because of a lack of motivation, this one’s for you.

The Health Promotion Board’s hosting free routine weekly runs of moderate to vigorous intensity at scenic and iconic locations, and they will be led by professional trainers and pacers.

Lest you’re unaware, running’s one of the most effective methods to burn those pesky calories away, so this one’s an idea you might want to consider for that ‘food baby’ of yours.

You can sign up for an i-Run here.

According to my fat colleague who’s getting thinner, one can get addicted to running. So this is actually a good start.

10. Online YouTube sessions

If you’re starved of time and resources, and can only perform exercises from the convenience of your home, YouTube’s the avenue for you.

Simply search up the video-sharing site with tags like ‘fat burning workouts’, and you’re bound to find a few that match your purpose.

(Back in the days, people bought DVDs just to exercise wor)

Just be warned though; just because they’re online doesn’t mean they’re any less shag.

Incidentally, here’s a pretty effective one that’ll get your heart all racing.

Good luck!

And when you’ve finally removed the belly, do remember to thank us by sending your CNY leftover cookies to 10 Bukit Batok Crescent #09-07. Our receptionist would be there to receive all your sins.