10 fun facts about 大S you probably didn’t know

Last Updated on 2016-05-31 , 8:30 am

Barbie Hsu, or more affectionately known as Da S (Big S), is one of the reigning queens of the Taiwanese entertainment industry. Her genuine acting skills and likable personality are just some of the things that she is known for. Here are some other fun facts about her.

She’s fluent in 4 languages
They are Japanese, Korean, English and Chinese. Notably, her proficiency in Mandarin Chinese has given her many opportunities to crossover to other parts of Asia, especially China.

Her horoscope is Libra
She was born on 6th October 1976 and also has the Chinese zodiac of Dragon.

She was once a singer
Her younger sister, popular talk show host, Dee Hsu was the other half of their girl band called ASOS (A Sisters of Shu).

Image: mizukiaya.proboards.com
Image: mizukiaya.proboards.com

She hosted an entertainment news show with her sister
100% Entertainment was fronted by her and Dee Hsu from 1998-2006. She also hosted variety show Guess from 1998-2000.

She gained instant fame after starring in hit Taiwanese drama, Meteor Garden
Meteor Garden kickstarted her whole acting career. She’s best known for her character as Shan Cai.

Image: wikipedia.com
Image: wikipedia.com

She dated one of her Meteor Garden co-star
Vic Zhou and her were one of the biggest and most talked about Taiwanese celebrity couple during the seven years that they were together.

She sang the theme songs for two of her drams
One of them was a duet with her ex-boyfriend and fellow Meteor Garden co-star, Vic Zhou in the Taiwanese drama, Mars.

Her first movie was a horror film
The Ghost Inside was the most expensive Chinese horror film ever made at that time in China.

She got married after dating her husband for 20 days
Her whirlwind engagement to Chinese entrepreneur Wang Xiaofei took the entertainment industry by storm. They have been married for 5 years as of today.

Image: senggang.republika.co.id
Image: senggang.republika.co.id

She is currently expecting a boy at 39 years old
This will be her second child. She has a daughter who is nearly 2 years old.