10 Games S’poreans Used to Be Addicted to But Now Wonder Why They Played It Back Then


Last Updated on 2022-05-21 , 6:45 pm

We’ve all been there. We believe that every single one of us has been hooked to a game at least once in our lives, and now as we think back, we realised how lame we actually were.

Now, if you didn’t, DON’T LIE, we know you did.

No, stop it, you did.

1. Street Fighter

Oh my, oh my. This game revives the fighter in my heart. Every boy used to play this and they would challenge each other to a final showdown where it’s death or victory (in the virtual world of course).

This is the game that convinced half the youth population that they are big muscly kungfu masters, even though they’re really thin, underweight, malnourished teens. Either that or super fat and members of the TAF club.

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And the game that made “Here comes a new challenger” popular.

2. Neopets

Image: The Daily Neopets

A favourite among the girls, the objective of the game is to nurture and prevent an immortal pet from dying. Seriously. You can go back to the game after two years and all the pet will ever be is ‘extremely hungry‘.

3. Maplestory

Image: store.steampowered.com

Probably the first online mass player game we kids played. This game used to be so addictive people screwed up their PSLE or even spent all their pocket money on the game.

Also, many hearts were broken when they found out that the girl they’ve always been giving free stuff to is actually a guy in disguise. Rule number one: Never trust the gender of anyone on the internet.


Well, this might be back on mobile, but it can never replace the experience on desktop. Yup, desktop, not laptop.

4. Little fighter

Image: tvtropes.org

Like Street Fighter, but cooler, bigger and awesome-er! With a huge range of characters from fire-spitting to dragon palm, up to 8 players can crowd around a regular keyboard and battle it out among themselves. And the cheat code is amazing. Don’t say I told you that.

5. Pokemon

Image: Wikipedia

Most of our childhoods are spent trying to “catch em all!”

6. Mario

Image: supermario-game.com

The Italian plumber who would go through thick and thin to save his princess. Relationship goals seriously.

7. Sonic

Speed is the dream of all the boys. Before car racing games came out, Sonic the hedgehog filled the void. Who knew hedgehogs could run? And roll so fast?

8. Farmville

Those were the days when Facebook games ruled the Internet. We see adults and children alike farming diligently, always timing the clock and waking up at ungodly hours to harvest their crops.

The game is so lame, how it managed to hook so many people we really don’t know. I bet most of you who’ve been through that are scratching your heads and thinking,”What the hell was I thinking, man?”

9. Runescape

Image: store.steampowered.com

Mine the metals! Craft your armour! Kill the monsters! This virtual world swallowed up a huge part of our lives where we spent a huge amount of time trying to build a career and becoming a respected warrior in the game.


10. Counter strike

The first first-person-shooter game that we all played. Before Call of Duty took over. Then NS took over.

Featured Image: tvtropes.org + supermario-game.com