10 Hacks For Shopping On Taobao Before Their Mega 11.11 Sale

Last Updated on 2020-02-17 , 6:23 pm

The start of November also means that the 11.11 Sales are nearing. With all the merchants and online blogshops gearing up on this sale, we are certain that this particular day will be one helluva shopping frenzy for most Singaporeans.

And for those of you who have not realised the true mighty powers of Taobao yet, well, this post is dedicated for you to make the best of your money. Here are 10 of the best tips or hacks anyone should know before you use Taobao to shop for the 11.11 sales. You’re welcome!

1. Use a Google Translator

I’m sure that when many of you think about Taobao, you’ll go “Huh, but my Chinese sucks”.

Okay, then use a Google translator lah. Granted, the translation might not be perfect – but better than nothing, right? Else, you can shop from this page instead. It already has all the product categorised for you!

2. Scan your items through the Taobao photo function 

Bet you didn’t know you can actually take a picture of a product, scan it and find it on Taobao, right? Do note that you have to switch to the main Taobao page in China / Global for this function!


Else, you can also use the app to do so!

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3. Change the pricing from the cheapest to the most expensive item

So that you can get a bang for your buck! Always choose the option to change the price from the lowest to the highest so that you can buy the SAME item, but at a much lower price.


4. Filters on the search bar

Whenever you shop on the Taobao webpage, always look out for the filters located at the top of the search bar so that you will be able to filter out your searches even better.

All you have to do is to key in the basic words for your search, and the filters will appear to help you refine your searches better!


Basic keywords:
Jeans – 牛仔裤
Dress – 连身裙
Pants – 裤子 / 休闲裤
Jumpsuit – 连身裤
Skirt – 裙子
Top – 上衣
Bag – 包包
Shoes – 凉鞋 / 鞋子

5. ALWAYS read reviews

One thing I’ve learnt about shopping on Taobao is to ALWAYS read their reviews. If you think that Singaporeans are harsh with their comments, well, you will soon realise how insignificant our comments can be compared to the ones from China.

Plus, when reading the comments, you can also see how the product looks like when worn! We all know how pictures can sometimes be VERY deceiving.


Also, if you ever want to buy shoes from Taobao, reading the comments will tell you if you should size up or size down.


Don’t understand what they’re saying? Well, Google Translate them!

6. Choose the correct sizing

Which is why you should always take note of the measurement chart issued by the seller before buying the product. And most importantly, READ the reviews before buying the product!

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7. Use a Shipping Agent

We all know it’s going to be extremely difficult to buy something overseas because of all the effort you have to put into liasing and even translating everything into Chinese. Therefore, another way to solve this issue would be to use a shipping agent like Ezbuy!

Plus, on 11.11, they will be introducing the exclusive EZBUY FREE AGENT FEE & FREE SHIPPING FEES for the 1st 1kg – that’s A LOT, if you ask me.

It’s also way cheaper to buy from Ezbuy than from Taobao itself! Here’s a basic comparison!


And if you want to buy in bulk in the future, you can also opt for the PRIME shipping where you can ship unlimited items for only S$2.99 NETT for all your items. Simply go submit all your products under Prime Wishlist!

Plus, for 11.11, you can even accumulate Ezbuy E-coins to get FREE PRIME SHIPPING!

How to accumulate coins then?

Simply go to the Ezbuy homepage, scroll down and you will see your account info.

Simply click on the page, and check in to receive your daily coins!


You will receive 5 coins on the first day, 10 coins when you check in on the 2nd day and viola! All you need is 15 coins to exchange for PRIME vouchers for you to be entitled to your PRIME shipping. DON’T SAY BO JIOOO.

8. Start saving items into your Ezbuy cart

And watch the magic happen on 11.11! You can start saving items into your cart now and see all the prices DROP on 11.11. This way, you don’t have to go through the trouble of adding them one by one into your cart on that day, nor will you have to worry about them getting sold out!

And if you see something you like on Taobao, just copy and paste the link into your Ezbuy cart, choose the size, colour, shipping method and you are good to go!

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Want to enjoy $2.99 for all your items? Simply go submit all your products under Prime Wishlist too!

9. Get a S$10 voucher for your first purchase

And if you haven’t shopped with Ezbuy before, here’s S$10 off on your first purchase. Eh, S$10 a lot leh – so please use it wisely!

10. Get CASH OFF Vouchers for your purchases

Okay, cash off sounds a little confusing. What’s that?


Basically, Ezbuy is giving you FREE MONEY TO SHOP with no strings attached.

In each category, you will find vouchers at the top of the page for you to use. And beside each product picture, you will find the cash off logo which means that those items are entitled to the cash offs.


So simply claim the vouchers at the top, and start shopping! However, do take note that each voucher at the top of each category is only valid for the products in THAT category.

So don’t go and redeem a voucher for woman’s wear and use it to buy something for your boyfriend in the men’s collection. It wouldn’t work.

Interested in the cash off? Here’s the link for you to start shopping! And go wild during the 11.11 sale. We wish you all the best in getting all the items that you want during the 11.11 sale and that none of them go out of stock before you get to buy them!

This article was first published on Goodyfeed.com

This article is written in collaboration with Ezbuy