10 Most Happening Places in S’pore & M’sia To Be at This Mid-Autumn Festival


Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated by the Chinese community all around the world on the 15th day of the eighth month of the Chinese calendar.

The date changes every year according to the Gregorian calendar that we currently use, but for 2016, it falls on 15th September.

This festival usually involves lanterns and mooncakes being eaten on the days leading up to the actual festival day itself.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated annually to symbolise the familial love and togetherness every year, where the moon is at its brightest and roundest.

Here are some of the best places to be for this year’s celebration.


Singapore River

Image: festivalasia.net
Image: festivalasia.net

Come here and see the gorgeous spectacle of thousands of lanterns on display at the lantern fair.

The themes of the lanterns are mostly related to the various legends and traditions of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

There are also other activities here such as solving riddles on the lanterns which only adds to the exciting atmosphere.

Gardens by the Bay

Image: weekender.com.sg
Image: weekender.com.sg

Be prepared to be dazzled by the colourful giant lantern displays during the festival.

There will also be food and drinks on sale plus graceful cultural performances to be enjoyed.

The traditional lantern procession is given an upgrade as Gardens by the Bay will have their first interactive lantern procession which sounds like a ton of fun.


Image: straitstimes.com
Image: straitstimes.com

When you’re talking about festivals like these, how can Chinatown not make it onto the list?

Every year, Chinatown in Singapore has a celebration for Mid-Autumn where there are stage shows and also a highly anticipated Light-Up ceremony.

You will be able to spot dozens and dozens of brightly lit lanterns decorating Chinatown when you venture here during the Mid-Autumn festival season.

Join the Walking Trail to learn more about the abundance of heritage and culture there.

Chinese Garden

Image: best-singapore-guide.com
Image: best-singapore-guide.com

Located in the west of Singapore, you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere in this tranquil garden. Stepping into the garden feels like going back in time to imperial China, with a Bonsai Garden and Bai Hong Qiao bridge.


During the Mid-Autumn Festival, expect vibrant and vivid lanterns lighting up the area. Of course, the number of Pokestops and Pokemon in the gardens are a huge lure (pun intended) to S’poreans as well.


Image: familiesforlife.sg
Image: familiesforlife.sg

The Moonfest takes place every year at Esplanade, which features Chinese traditional arts which are essential in preserving the heritage and culture of the Chinese community.

There will be performances suitable for all ages, from operas, folk songs, recitals to puppetry shows. You can also participate in the Lantern Walkabout and explore the surrounding areas.

Punggol Park

This is a well-kept secret in the northeast (maybe). We’ve gone to the park during Mid-Autumn Festival a few years back and we saw plenty of people chilling, playing with sparklers and walking with lanterns.

This year, we predict the crowd at the park will be even crazier. Why? Because Pokemon GO. Enough said.



Petaling Street

Image: followmefoodie.com
Image: followmefoodie.com

The Chinatown of KL, this is a must-visit place even when it’s not the festive season.

Come here for the mouthwatering food, brightly glowing lanterns and cheap merchandise on offer. Remember to haggle, haggle and haggle if you plan to buy anything here.


Take a brief respite from the stuffy indoors for the fresh air outside at KLCC Park. Covering an impressive 50 acre, you can bring the whole family here for fun and games.

The most impressive feature is the Symphony Lake which can shoot water up to a maximum height of 42m. There is daily light shows that start at 8:00pm, all set against the backdrop of the stunning Petronas Twin Towers.

Bring your lanterns and picnic blankets here and admire the brightest moon of the year.

Pavilion KL

Image: goingplacesmagazine.com
Image: goingplacesmagazine.com

This mall is famed for sporting elaborate decorations during festive holidays. Take many Instagram-worthy shots to be shared with your friends and family and indulge in some retail therapy while you are here.


During the Mid-Autumn Festival, you can see many intricate lanterns on display indoors and outdoors.

Georgetown, Penang

The youth of the five dialectic associations in Penang comes together every year to organise this fun-filled festival.

There will be mooncakes galore and a parade made up of colourful lanterns while family and friends gather and catch up.

Featured Image: familiesforlife.sg

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