10 Hard-To-Spot Signs Of a Relationship That is Experiencing “Wear and Tear”

Last Updated on 2023-05-14 , 12:27 pm

Every relationship has two phases: the honeymoon period and the 老夫老妻 period.

But once you’re over the honeymoon phase, it doesn’t mean you go to a new person. The excitement dies down but the love remains.

Except instead of burning hot & passionate, it’s warm and comforting.

How do you differentiate between a rocky relationship and a comfortable one?

Well, with this:

10 Hard-To-Spot Signs Of a Relationship That is Experiencing “Wear and Tear”

If you can relate well to more than half of the things below, be careful… your relationship might be wearing and tearing. Check out some tips to revive that spark in your relationship!

1. You don’t get butterflies in your stomach

Remember the first date? Well, when you realise meeting your partner isn’t as nerve-wracking or exciting as your first few dates, you know your relationship is getting bland.

For guys, try out a new outfit! For girls, try on new make-up, and ask if he likes it or not!

2. You start wondering what you’ll do if you’re single

Firstly, you start wondering what your life will be like without commitment. If we feel that slight tinge of longing for more alone time, or more time with your friends, work or family, you know that your heart isn’t truly invested in the relationship.

Of course, if you find yourself dreaming dating ANOTHER girl/guy, and that makes you feel happy, you need to evaluate your relationship. Now.

3. You don’t wait for his/her replies

Do you often check his or her last seen on whatsapp? Were you ever worried about the blue tick? If not anymore, you’re not worried enough.

It shows that you are not committed to sustaining a relationship.

Likewise, if you’re the one giving those blue ticks (please don’t), might as well don’t engage in a conversation. Try to engage in a real, genuine heart to heart talk!

4. His/her smiles

It is scientifically proven that you can differentiate between a real smile – a Duchenne smile, where wrinkles form around the eyes, and your teeth show – from a fake, plastered smile.

If your partner flashes you a smile, take note of which kind it is. Things aren’t going well if they give you too many fake smiles. Likewise, give him or her your best smile! Show those pearly whites like you mean it!

5. His/her tone

If little questions like “Have you eaten?” sounds bland and monotonous, and if your partner isn’t making sufficient eye contact with you when you talk to them, your relationship may be strained.

Time to spice things up a bit.

6. Unresolved quarrels

Quarrels are normal! What ISN’T, is when you two are too tired to even piss each other off in those arguments.

If you/your partner ever give up just because you don’t want to talk and leave, you and your partner are not making an effort to resolve differences.

If you want to hold on to your relationship, talk about it in a civil way and explain your case calmly.

7. You don’t think about him/her as much

A part of a relationship is wondering what he or she is doing, how he/she is feeling.

If you centre your life around yourself more, or you feel that he/she doesn’t care about you, your relationship might be wearing and tearing.

It’s time to make your better half a focus in your life. Start small and dedicate 10 minutes to thinking about them and as time passes by, you’ll find yourself having lots of questions to ask and create conversations.

8. You are happier with other friends, especially friends of the opposite sex

Fancying another guy/girl for good looks is ok, but if it turns into a crush you know you’ve got troubles in your own relationship!

9. You criticise your partner in your mind

Instead of voicing out what you dislike about your partner to share and resolve, you keep it to yourself.

Be careful, this will only breed more problems as eventually, you’ll be too exasperated by his/her peculiarities!

You do things because they’re expected

If you’re just going by the books, giving your partner flowers, hugs and kisses “just because”, you might want to reconsider your relationship!

Girls might be shy to express their love, but a touch on the arm to convey something might be well received by a guy.

For guys, shower her with lots of love of you mean it!

Now, use these 10 signs to preserve your relationship and help the government produce more babies, k.