10 homes in S’pore so beautiful you thought they’re private property and not HDB

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Living in an HDB flat would be an experience almost all Singaporeans will have. Some of you may have the idea that an HDB flat cannot look stunning and what you are going to see might just prove you wrong.

Pure and white

Image: qanvast.com

Not only does this offer a clean and sleek feeling, it makes anyone who looks at this place fall in love with it. A combination of modern and chic, this minimalist design gives the place a seamless look. Just look at the white cupboard! Isn’t it perfect?

Luxuriously brown

Image: qanvast.com

This flat makes great use of space by making it look filled but not crowded. The furniture is strategically placed and the decor is simple yet elegant. The incorporation of the space as part of the interior design gives this place a classy and luxurious feel. I think my house could go through some renovation.

Warm and cosy

Image: qanvast.com

A brick wall feature makes this place stunning and the beige tone gives the room a warm vibe. It also adds ambience to the place and is neatly complemented by the industrial look of the wooden blinds and contrasting black frames. If my house looked like this, I would never want to leave. Like really, everything about this place is perfect.

Studiously urban

Image: qanvast.com

A white brick feature wall is all you need to add some texture to the place. The grey finishing gives the room a modern touch and adds a bit of a studious element to it. The table looks like a great place to read or study and the white bed with the white brick wall will make you want to stay in bed forever.

Black magic

Image: qanvast.com

Though not entirely black, because that would look goth, this place makes use of black to add a posh vibe to the place. Plus, everything in the room is fancy, from the leather sofa to the plush rugs. The yellow colour adds a good contrast to the stark black, making the place really chic.

Space out

Image: qanvast.com

The minimalist design of this room makes this place stand out. The placing of the furniture is strategic and gives the room a homely vibe. The colours chosen go amazingly well with the design such as the bright yellow lemon sofa that is used as the centrepiece. There is also a unique industrial-like finishing to the room and that just ups the ‘wow’ factor. A pretty good choice for those who want something a little hipster.

Woody two shoes

Image: qanvast.com

Look at the amazing mix of colours and textures! And of course, the cute fluffy white dog which I can’t take my eyes off. The large tiles on the floor help to create an illusion of bigger space and the wood walls add a nordic feel to the place. Also, the sofa colour is unique and I really do want to sit on it now.


Image: qanvast.com


The unique art pieces give this place a hipster vibe while maintaining an element of chicness. The batik-inspired theme of this place also adds a lovely touch to the room. It also provides a nice contrast with the modern furnishing and the wood elements give the place a homely feel.

Completely unfinished

Image: qanvast.com

So many colours and yet it doesn’t look messy. The unfinished bricks and colourful cupboard make the place trendy and upbeat. The sofa with the pink cushions adds to the vibrancy of the place and gives it a cosy feel. My favourite is the outdoorsy benches which are not only hipster-like but Instagram-worthy as well.

Sleek nordic

Image: qanvast.com

This is a dream room. Just look at the suspended living table! How cool is that? It makes the place unique and functional. The white nordic theme gives this place an airy and seamless look. Not only that, the natural lighting makes the room comfortable and gives off a cool vibe. See, HDB rooms can be beautiful. Now do you have some ideas for your own house? 

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