10 Healthy Snacks to Makan at Night Even When On a Diet

Last Updated on 2021-02-08 , 1:27 pm

Despite a wholesome dinner, and maybe even an already filling breakfast and lunch, you might find yourself sneaking to the kitchen to quieten your growling stomach.

Then again, your ongoing diet won’t appreciate the extra calories.

Now, I don’t need to tell you that instant noodles, while convenience, isn’t healthy. If not, take a look at this video we’ve done for instant noodles:

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Not all snacks have to be unhealthy, so we’ve compiled a small list of healthy yet delicious ones.

1. Dried Apricot

Fruits may sound like the devil, but when you bite into this sweet treat, you’ll be sent to heaven. The antioxidants in it can improve brain function, so you’ll truly get the best of both worlds with this dried fruit.

2. Baked Chips

Step away from your potato chips and slice up something less salty instead. You’ll need to make some preparations before night falls, so that you can munch on your snack later on. Hummus or carrots could be sliced thinly, dipped in milk, covered in breadcrumbs, then placed in the oven. The chips will still be tasty but you won’t be taking in as much salt and carbohydrates!

3. Frozen Yoghurt

Not only does yoghurt provide protein, it can help increase your calcium intake! Probiotic bacteria ensures the dairy product keeps you healthy as well! Greek yoghurt is pretty common but some versions like the Icelandic yoghurt can be creamier, making it more dessert-like and more enjoyable to some.

4. Dark Chocolate

The intense taste of dark chocolate means you’ll be feeling full while eating less. Rather than being chock full with sugar and milk like its cousins, this chocolate has at least 60 percent cocoa content, leaving less room for the other aspects. What’s more, it has been known to reduce the risk of heart disease and amount of fat in your body. Killing two birds with one stone!

5. Mixed nuts

Almonds, cashew nuts, pistachios; you name it, you can lump them into your snack bowl. You’re able to get variety and taste all in one serving, and they’re pretty satisfying to hear constantly crunch with every bite.

6. Mixed Cereal

Be it oat, bran, or just cornflakes, you can mix them all into a bowl for a crunchy treat. Helping with fiber intake, these cereals can aid in your journey to lose weight.

7. Fruit Smoothies

With a blender at home, you can easy toss a couple of your favourite fruits and a cup of milk or two to create a delicious smoothie. It’s also to get this drink at a nearby convenience store like 7-11 or Cheers. Just check for whey protein in the bottle, which should be written on the label, so as to get the most out of your drink and also prevent an excess of sugar intake from fruits.

8. String Cheese

Some might remember peeling strands of cheese of this stick when young. You can still chew on this now, as the calcium can still help you. The reduced fat in string cheese also ensures that you won’t be growing horizontally so quickly.

9. Hard-boiled Egg

Just a few minutes of placing a whole egg in boiling water and you can get a warm egg that’s not just filing but also provide vitamins and mineral. Don’t worry about eating too many eggs a day, as up to 3 whole eggs can be beneficial to your body.

10. Protein Bars

It’s so easy to just whip out a protein bar instead of another chocolate bar! There are plenty of variations, from berries to nuts, and if you really need that milky, sweet taste, there are also chocolate bits in some protein bars. Other than protein, there might be fats and carbohydrates that might make your snack unhealthy, so make sure you buy the right kind! These are also good for energy boosting before a gym session.

Pack all these into your kitchen so you never have to run out of healthy snacks! Oh, you’re most welcome!

Featured Image: Pheelings media / Shutterstock.com