10 Home Remedies to Treat Every NSF’s Chiong Sua Enemy: Foot Rot

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Those who have had the misfortune to experience the wonders of foot rot, or athlete’s foot, during their NS days, I’m sorry for your pain/itch. For those of you still experiencing that, you might not have to after these 10 ways to deal with it.

Foot rot is actually a fungal infection on your feet, so these remedies and actual cures are supposed to combat that. As everyone has different resistance levels against fungal infections, these methods may work to different degrees for everyone. Which is why we have 10.

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1. Vinegar

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This simple remedy just requires you to soak your feet in a vinegar solution for about 30 mins. Do this every day, and one day you’ll notice your feet not itching anymore. Of course, this can only be done at home, unless you wanna book in with a shit load of vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar works best here, though they’re usually slightly more expensive. And according to a colleague who has tried this, it actually feels quite good!

2. Dettol

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Some NSmen swear by this method. Soaking your feet and/or your socks in a Dettol solution every evening, and like the vinegar method above, should do the trick. However, note that Dettol doesn’t actually kill fungi, so it may simply be the extra cleaning you’re doing that’s curing the infection.

But in any case, cleaning your feet is always the best preventive way (though we understand it’s not easy for a guy in the jungle to do that lah).

3. Miconazole + Hydrocortisone Cream, then Aluminium Chloride Lotion

This is an actual cure. You can get the cream from polyclinics, pharmacies, or your local MO. Apply the cream every day until symptoms subside, and don’t stop there. The fungi can stay dormant for weeks, so continue to apply on your feet for at least two weeks after the itch is gone.

4. Scrub properly

Image: lauriloewenberg.com

As fungi multiply fast in dirty, moist and warm places (like your feet), it helps to scrub away as much dirt as possible whenever you’re showering. Just spend more effort in cleaning your feet, and it should prevent foot rot from ever plaguing you. If it still does, that’s why we have so many cures for you, eh?

5. Baking Soda

Image: healthyfoodhouse.com

Make a paste with 1 tablespoon of baking soda and an appropriate amount of water. This should be like a paste, so don’t put too much water. Then apply the paste onto the affected areas on your foot, and leave it there for a few minutes before washing it off. Powder generously afterwards.

6. Plain Yoghurt

Image: sundale.co.za

Plain yoghurt apparently contains a type of bacteria that can control the fungus. Just apply some plain yoghurt onto the affected areas, and wait until it dries. Wash it off afterwards. It should also help if you powder after your feet dries. Repeat daily until symptoms disappear.

And while I think it’s common sense, I think I should still mention this: don’t eat the yoghurt after that. You won’t want a stomach rot.

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7. Lemon

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Wash your feet with a lemon juice solution. Not store-bought lemonade, mind you. You have to squeeze some actual lemons into water, then wash your feet in it. This will bring relief to the itching, and also remove odour, somewhat like the vinegar method.

8. Cinnamon

Image: authoritynutrition.com

Boil some cinnamon sticks (8-10 broken sticks) in water, then simmer for about 5 minutes. Let it stand for about 45 minutes so the water can absorb the cinnamon, then soak your feet in the water for 30 minutes. Do this daily until symptoms disappear.

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9. Potassium Permanganate Wash

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This comes in crystals, and is a skin disinfectant and cleansing agent. You should be able to get this in pharmacies, as it is also used to treat eczema. Just dissolve some in water, enough to soak your feet, then soak your feet for about 10 minutes, daily.

10. Lavender Oil

Image: organicfacts.net

For the more atas people, you can use lavender oil. Besides smelling like you dipped your feet in perfume, lavender oil also has anti-fungal properties. Just mix a few drops of lavender oil in another carrier oil (you’re gonna smell like a goddamn perfume factory if you use a lot of lavender oil) like olive oil, and apply onto the affected area.

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