10 House Designs in S’pore So Cool You Can Even Rent Them Out for AirBnB

Last Updated on 2016-09-28 , 12:22 pm

When you talk about Singaporeans, cool is a word that rarely comes up. Kiasu, rude and dull, yes. But not cool.

After all, we have generic skyscrapers and uniform HDB blocks, and our life consists of work, work, and more work.

But apparently not. Look at what we unearthed and check out these 10 cool house designs you’d never expect to find in Singapore.

1. Acsentia Sky – 3-room Condominium


You’ll never go wrong with a brick wall. It adds a rugged feel to your entire home and makes the perfect bachelor pad for any single guys out there.

2. Pasir Ris  – Executive Apartment



Another dark-themed design, the black sheer curtains, and black leather sofa adds a sense of classiness to the entire place.


A perfect mixture of black and white to bring the entire room to life.

3. Anchorvale – 5-room Flat


Looking for something hip instead? Change the colour of the brick wall, install a counter, a few bar stools, some colourful chairs and you’re all set to go.


Imagine sinking into the couch on a lazy Sunday afternoon for some R&R. (D’ Initial Concept)

4. Punggol – 4-room Flat


Since the size of HDB flats has shrunk drastically, homeowners are looking towards minimalistic designs to make their homes look big.


And if you’re an avid figurine collector, place them on shelves to accentuate your home instead of storing them in your store room.

5. Yuan Kuang – 4-room Flat


Simple yet classy.


And functional.

6. Serangoon Central – 4-room Flat


Yes, this is an HDB 4-room flat. Place some tastefully designed wooden blinds and it’s like you’re entering another world every time you entered through the front door.

It’s like Alice in Wonderland.

7. Segar Road – 4-room Flat


Time to go old-school. You’ll never go wrong with a black chalkboard where you can exercise your inner Picasso.


A ceiling-to-floor blind and a dash of yellow to bring the entire design to life.

8. Sengkang East Ave – 4-room Flat


Who says you’re too old for soft toys?


Seat her at the counter and let her watch you cook. Serve her the food immediately and watch her melt.

9. Punggol Walk – 4-room Flat


Imagine cuddling on the couch and sinking your bare feet into the carpet while watching Netflix.


Our personal favorite: the coke bottle cap. Can you spot it?

10. Segar Road – 5-room Flat


And last, but definitely not the least, a modern white theme with some blue.


And yellow.

So. Pretty.

This article is written in collaboration with D’ Initial Concept, a Singapore Interior Design firm which offers elegant and unique home designs according to your personality and liking.


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