10 household items that you should only get from Daiso instead of other places


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I’m sure all of us are familiar with the famous ‘Everything $2’ Japanese store, Daiso. Despite having 15 outlets nationwide, the stores are always packed full of people of all ages, from students to office workers to old ladies. Although there are probably hundreds of cheap and thrilling finds, here are 10 household items that are so damn worth it, you should only get them from here and nowhere else.

Small Foldable Chairs
Yes, chairs. Daiso has foldable chairs (the kind with a strip of fabric as a seat rather than hard plastic) that, although smaller than the regular chairs sold outside (for more than $10 each), are able to comfortably take the weight of a child or a light adult. Perfect for picnics/camping!

Daiso has shelves dedicated to bowls and plates of different styles, ranging from plastic Japanese-style to actual ceramic oriental-style. Surprisingly, these utensils look super legit given their price and can probably impress any guests you have over for dinner. Just remember to peel off any stickers or labels that might indicate that you got them from Daiso, and not an expensive houseware shop.

Glass Jars
I once bought a glass jar for about $6 from Japan Home and considered it cheap. Imagine my shock when I discovered Daiso’s stock of glass jars of all shapes and sizes! Of course, go for the large ones instead of the small ones because it’s more worth it, right? If you’re looking for a nice simple jar to use as storage in your kitchen, this is your answer, but be warned that they are popular and might be sold out when you visit the store!

Food containers
You know those food containers with snap-to-lock lids that are ridiculously expensive? This is your $2 solution. Sleek, simple and just the right size, it’s hard to believe that it costs less than a plate of chicken rice at your favourite hawker centre stall. And this is reusable somemore. What a deal.

Baking Tins
Baking tins cost quite a lot more outside, which might not seem worth it if you’re not an avid baker. Daiso carries such tins and molds for those looking to bake occasionally and according to some people, these tins do rust, but slap on some quality parchment paper and you should be fine. For those who bake frequently and are planning to use their tins for a long time, this might not be for you though!


Broom sets
These small broom-and-dustpan sets lock together to form a flat, portable shape that allows you to tuck them away out of sight. Perfect for sweeping small areas like your bedroom (unless you live in a mansion) and I even know some people who use these for their study tables. Might not work for sweeping your problems under the carpet though.

Storage Rack
One can never have too many storage racks, and Daiso is here to fulfil all your organising fantasies. These surprisingly sturdy plastic racks will come in super handy when you’re trying to keep your surfaces clutter-free and look like you have your life together!

Microfibre Cloth
Microfibre cloths can clean like, everything. The cloths sold at Daiso are extremely handy for cleaning things such as spectacle lenses, dirty surfaces, and even your face! (Proceed with caution) They even have them in the design of an adorable porcupine, if you think you can bear to use and dirty it after buying it.

Reed Diffusers
Aromatherapy oils are mad expensive and if you’re not particularly fussy, Daiso’s reed diffusers can probably do the trick too for much, much lesser. The fragrances have been reviewed to be rather pleasant, so do give this a try! However, if you are used to the expensive stuff, this might just make you really sad.


Buying clocks for people is considered bad luck, but it doesn’t count if it’s for yourself right? Daiso carries a range of clocks of multiple sizes, so you’d probably find something that’s suitable for yourself. Go crazy, buy 5, buy 10, cover your wall in it or whatever. They’re only $2 anyway!

Although the queues are most probably going to be insane, like they can go up to dozens of metres long based on my largely inaccurate estimation, they do move quite quickly thanks to the efficient cashiers. Besides, the bill is simply calculating the number of items and multiplying it by 2, so it shouldn’t take too long, unless someone bought like 200 items. Hopefully the person isn’t you. Anyway, enjoy your trip to Daiso and don’t forget to feel proud of yourself after your haul!

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