10 incredible facts you probably didn’t know about Mustafa Centre

Last Updated on 2017-04-25 , 9:43 am

We all know Mustafa as a place to get super affordable goods, and a place where you can get anything and everything you can possible think of. Mostly.

It’s like a treasured piece of land on Singapore where you go to sniff out awesome discounted goods.

But other than the fact that electronics there is cheap, and it’s damn old-school, what else do you know about this awesome yet underrated place?

Let us list down 10 incredible facts about this 24-hour shopping mall that might just make you look at them in a different light!

It is a 24-hour mall

Okay, everyone knows they’re open 24/7 right? But when we say 24/7, we mean 24/7. This is the only mall in Singapore that operates all day long, even on public holidays.

That’s right, 24 hours of shopping non-stop.

That is probably every shopaholic’s dream right? Even Fairprice Xtra, a huge supermarket that opens 24 hours, closes on Chinese New Year Eve and the first day of Chinese New Year sometimes.

They have 1,862 staff

In order to run the huge mall 24/7, they have a huge group of helpful, friendly staff to cater to your needs. But that’s not the clincher: They are people who have worked at Mustafa for a long period of time, and they can speak the languages of customers from different countries. How cool is that?!

They have over 300,000 items there

From clothes to electronic items to groceries, there’s nothing you can’t find there. It’s said that if you can’t find a brand at Mustafa, it probably doesn’t exist in Singapore.

Mustafa started out as a family’s stall

What started out as a small business of selling retail items turned into a multi-million business. The owner used to sell handkerchiefs when he was younger, which inspired his father to switch from selling food to selling clothes.

Well, this switch was probably the best decision in his life because it eventually became the famous Mustafa Centre today.

There are 2 Mustafa department stores

We are all well familiar with the one at Little India, but there’s also one at Serangoon Plaza. However, the one at Serangoon Plaza sells high end products, and has lesser range of products. Think of it as Mustafa Premium. Check it out if you’re interested!

Mustaq Ahmad was ranked 38th in Forbes’ list of Singapore’s 40 Richest People in 2008

While he is ranked 38th as Singapore’s 40 richest people, the man behind the success of Mustafa Centre came from a humble background. Known to be down-to-earth and humble, he did not let success change him. He proved that with dedication, great things could happen.

First major department store to be on the Internet

Not only that, TV programmes such as ‘Money Mind’ and ‘Money Week’, alongside local newspapers all helped in giving Mustafa Centre more exposure and popularity.

They have awesome food located on the rooftop of Mustafa Centre

Once you’re done shopping, you can actually head to the rooftop to enjoy delicious authentic Indian Fusion food. Every one of the staff there is dedicated to treating their guests like royalty, so don’t miss out this awesome place the next time you head there!

You can actually get awesome travel packages with Mustafa Air Travel

We go to different travel websites to find the best packages and air tickets, but do you know that Mustafa offers them all too? And at super great prices as well! From Bali to Australia, you can find super awesome deals that include accommodation and a full planned itinerary.

So the next time you’re jetting off to another country, you might want to check out Mustafa’s website for their travel packages!

Best time to go is at 3am in the morning

For those who hate dealing with crowds, this is for you. The wee hours are always perfect if you don’t want to squeeze with the crowd. It’s the timing where most people are asleep so the amount of people there will decrease drastically.

This means shopping in peace and comfort. If you’re awake enough to do so, that is.

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