10 Innovative Ways to Get Rid Of Durian Bad Breath


Last Updated on 2023-04-07 , 12:19 pm

It’s the durian season again and I’m very sure most of us are going gaga over the fragrant king of fruits and stuffing ourselves silly with it.

But as much as we may love this delicious tropical delicacy, we don’t like the smell that lingers on our breath after we consume too much of it. Think stinky durian breath in the lift or in the car.

So besides using the water in a durian husk or salt water to gargle your mouth, are there any other ways to get rid of that stench after an awesome buffet of the tasty morsels?

Here are 10 ways you may or may not know (most probably not), to get that smell removed.

1.Mouthwash and lemon water

Yes, you will need to use both concurrently. Mouthwash will give you nice, minty fresh breath, obviously, while the lemon water will serve to create an acidic environment where the bad bacteria that causes the stinky mouth will dissipate.

2. Drink coconut water and take a breath mint

Coconut water will help to relieve the heatiness in your body from consuming all that yummy durian. Besides that, it also aids in reducing that horrible stench when you accidentally let loose a burp. To make your breath smell better, take a breath mint thereafter.


3. Consume loads of green tea

Other than revving up your metabolism for better digestion, green tea also works to get rid of bad breath caused from all sorts of food, including durian.

Of course, the large amount of water you consume from all that green tea also makes you go to the toilet more often to get rid of the heatiness, cooling down your body and making sure your breath is relatively free from durian.

4.Chew spices

If you have eaten Indian food at a restaurant before, you will have noticed that they sometimes offer fennel seeds or other sorts of spices for you to chew after your meal. Spices such as cardamom, coriander and fennel can help to neutralise the oil to remove the bad breath caused by strong smelling foods such as durian.

5. Eating fruits that are rich in fibre

Fruits like apples, pears and carrots helps the mouth to produce saliva while chewing them. Combined with the fibre, these aid to cleanse the mouth to remove it of stinky odours such as durian breath.

6.Take yogurt or foods that contain probiotics

Foods that contain probiotics such as yogurt and enzyme drinks like Yakult or Vitagen are not just tasty.

They are also able to get rid of your durian breath by breaking down the food sufficiently and decrease the chance of it, in this case durian, fermenting in the stomach. Just take care not to take too much as it is also known to have a laxative effect.

7.Drink alkaline drinks like milk

To counter the acidity and heaviness of the durian you have consumed, it is also highly recommended to drink something alkaline like milk or green juice  to minus off the effects and therefore reduce the bad breath from durian.

8. Have a spoonful of mustard

Yucky as it may sound, this actually works. Take a spoonful of mustard and swish it around in your mouth for about 30 seconds before spitting it out. Then take another spoon and swallow it.

9. Take parsley or mint leaves

If you have tasted mint leaves before, you will know that the after effect is a nice, clean palate. Parsley contains chlorophyll which is a well-known breath deodoriser.

10. Chew coffee beans

Coffee beans are well-known to remove odours and it works the same with bad breath, or durian breath in this case. You don’t swallow the beans though. Remember to spit them out once you are done.

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