Buying Owndays Glasses? 10 Interesting Facts About Owndays You Should Know First


Last Updated on 2020-02-20 , 3:24 pm

You have probably heard of Owndays if you wear glasses or fancy sunglasses. Founded in Japan, this fashion eyewear company expanded to Singapore in 2013, and reviews of Owndays have been rather positive.

The company prides in offering fashionable and trendy yet good quality eyewear with professional and trained staff.

Ever wonder why it’s so popular here in Singapore?

Here are 10 interesting facts about them you probably aren’t aware of.

High-quality lenses

Their lenses are manufactured by leading international lens makers and their standard lenses are high index aspheric lenses.

Japanese brands are commonly known to be high in quality, so you can have a piece of mind when you invest so much in a pair of glasses.

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No additional fee

These aspheric lenses come at no additional fee, regardless of how high the degree is. So even if you have really high degrees and a budget, you can never go wrong with these high index aspheric lenses.

You can choose the thickness for your lenses

If you’re all about lightweight glasses, here’s the place to visit. Owndays’ standard lenses offer 3 types of thickness, starting from 1.60, 1.67 to 1.74.

Image: Owndays

The thinner the lens, the lighter the glasses and the lower the distortion. There you have it: your dream come true.

Dust-resistant coating

All of their lenses come with dust-resistant coating, and also reduces 99% of UV rays from reaching the eyes.


You should already know by now that these UV rays could be harmful to our eyes.

Owndays also offers an extensive range of lenses, such as progressive lenses, colour lenses, PC lenses and transition lenses at an additional $100.

They deliver your glasses in just 20 minutes

What’s more annoying than having to make two trips down to the optical shop.

Once to purchase the glasses and one more time to collect them.

Not at Owndays, though. Owndays pledge to deliver your glasses to you in a short 20 minutes upon payment with their professional and well-trained staff.

Say goodbye to those waits now!

In-house brand lines fully created by them

Their in-house brand lines are planned, designed and then manufactured by them. You don’t have to worry about getting a pair of  “inspired” glasses that are replicated from prestigious eyewear brands. However, you might want to Google  Owndays review because not all glasses are, erm, created equal.

Lens replacement

You can visit Owndays to replace your lenses, even if they’re not purchased at their store. #serviceatitsbest

Selection of frames

You can pick from a selection of frames from materials such as plastic, metal, resin, celluloid, titanium or stainless steel. Your comfort is important to them!

A variety of original private brands

You can choose from a huge array which is created to match each price budget and concept – stylish, geeky, sophisticated. They have several collections including collaborations with Junhashimoto eyewear or ROEN.


29 outlets for your convenience

Owndays has branches in a total of 11 countries, including Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia and Australia. You can check out their overseas branches should you visit those countries too.

Apart from that, Owndays currently has 29 outlets in Singapore for your convenience!