Buying Owndays Glasses? 10 Interesting Facts About Owndays You Should Know First

Last Updated on 2023-06-30 , 6:23 pm

Owndays Glasses Review: A Look at Their Progressive Lens and More

If you’re a glasses wearer or a sunglasses aficionado, the name ‘Owndays’ might ring a bell. This fashion-forward eyewear company, hailing from Japan, has found its feet in Singapore since its expansion in 2013. With an impressive reputation, “Owndays review” buzzes in online search engines with predominantly positive responses. But what makes this company such a spectacle (pun intended) among the Singaporean crowd? Here are some fun facts and ‘Owndays wiki’-style information about them that you might not have heard of.

The Owning Points of Owndays Glasses

An ‘Owndays glasses review’ is incomplete without highlighting their high-quality lenses. Made by top-notch international lens makers, Owndays’ standard lenses are high index aspheric lenses. This means they are thin, lightweight, and reduce distortions better than their counterparts. Their design ensures maximum comfort for the wearer, staying true to the quality we’ve come to expect from Japanese brands.

They offer three types of thickness options, starting from 1.60, moving to 1.67, and finally 1.74. With thinner lenses resulting in lighter glasses and lesser distortion, you could say this is what dreams are made of for glasses wearers.

No Extra Costs and An Array of Lens Choices

These high index aspheric lenses come with no extra costs, regardless of how high the degree is. This means even those with higher degrees and tight budgets can enjoy quality eyewear. From the ‘Owndays progressive lens review’ standpoint, this is a great value proposition.

Every lens from Owndays comes with a dust-resistant coating, keeping your vision clear. They also reduce harmful UV rays by 99%, protecting your eyes from potential damage. Beyond their standard lenses, they offer an extensive range, including progressive lenses, colour lenses, PC lenses, and transition lenses, all available for an additional $100.

Lenskart Vs Owndays: The Speed of Delivery

Weighing ‘Lenskart Vs Owndays’ in terms of service speed, Owndays surely takes the cake. Say goodbye to making two trips to the optical shop: one to choose and buy your glasses, and another to collect them. Instead, Owndays promises to deliver your glasses in just 20 minutes after payment, thanks to their efficient and well-trained staff.

Unique In-house Brands and Lens Replacement

Owndays not only sells glasses, but they also create them. Their in-house brands are carefully planned, designed, and manufactured, offering a wide variety of original private labels that fit every price point and style, from chic to geeky, and sophisticated to sporty. They boast unique collections in collaboration with Junhashimoto eyewear and ROEN. However, as in every other market, not all glasses are created equal, which is why ‘Owndays review’ searches are a good step before you invest.

And here’s a surprising perk: you can even go to Owndays to replace your lenses, regardless of where they were originally purchased from. Talk about top-tier service!

Frame Selection and Reach of Owndays

Frames, like the people who wear them, should be unique and comfortable. Owndays recognizes this, offering frames made from diverse materials such as plastic, metal, resin, celluloid, titanium, and stainless steel.

In terms of reach, Owndays extends far beyond Singapore, with outlets in 11 countries including Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, and Australia. Closer to home, they have 29 outlets across Singapore for your convenience.

The Final Verdict: Owndays Progressive Lens Price and Overall Review

To wrap up our ‘Owndays progressive lens review’, it’s safe to say that the company delivers high-quality, fashionable eyewear at a fair price. From the diversity of their products to the speed of their service, Owndays stands out in the eyewear industry. Their ‘Owndays progressive lens price’ is justifiable, providing value for every dollar spent. Indeed, Owndays seems to have struck the right balance between style, quality, and cost, making them a worthy contender in the world of eyewear.