10 Interesting Facts About Lin Peifen, The DJ Whom We All Grew Up With

Last Updated on 2017-08-06 , 10:33 am

Chances are, many of us would’ve caught Lin Peifen in action on some sort of entertainment platform, be it the radio or the television, at some point in our lives.

Regardless of old or young, the fresh-faced DJ (who remains fresh-faced after so many years) has captured the hearts of a diverse audience across the country.

However, we’re sure that there are many things that you actually didn’t know about her!

1.She was really shy as a teenager


She confessed that back in her school days, she was actually a pretty shy girl and used to be terrified of speaking in front of her class during presentations. Hard to imagine that this “shy” girl could well be the face of YES 933 now, eh?

2.She was eliminated from a radio DJ contest


When she was thirteen years old, she entered a radio DJ contest that was hosted by 987FM and unfortunately did not even make it past the first round of auditions. Look how far she has come!

3.She started working at the station since she was 18

Three years after her elimination from the 987FM contest, she went on to win another radio DJ contest by YES 933, and has been working there ever since. That’s around thirteen years, and that’s the reason why many of us grow up listening to her!

4. She used to practice speaking like a radio DJ

When she was younger, she used to look into the bathroom mirror and mimicked speaking like how radio DJs did when they read out the news.

5. She has an SG50 baby


Last year, she gave birth to her first son, Luke Lie, on 17 July 2015. Seems so fitting given how she has contributed so much to the local radio scene!

7. She gets awkward doing romantic scenes on TV

When she was expected to act romantic with popular actor Tay Ping Hui while filming TV series 96°C Cafe, she felt extremely anxious and nervous. Thankfully, he was pretty nice and made the act less awkward. Nowadays, she’s more active in hosting instead.

8. She’s the polar opposite of her husband


She graciously acknowledges that her husband is a calm and patient man, whereas she is often impatient and flustered (erm, pretty obvious from the way she speaks in radio, no?). But you know what people say: opposites attract!

9. She’s impressively bilingual

Although she hosts a Mandarin radio show and has acted in Channel 8 dramas, she was also a host for a Channel 5 travelogue series, proving how apt she is in both languages.

10. She’s not afraid to make cheeky jokes

During an interview in the week of her marriage, she jokingly told the interviewers that she chose Greece for her honeymoon because “the men are all so beautiful there but my fiance thinks we’re just enjoying the scenery.” Kinda like how she always speak in radio, eh?

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This article was first published on Goodyfeed.com

Featured Image: danielgoh.wordpress.com