10 Interesting Facts About Seawaves That 70% Of S’poreans Didn’t Know

Every Chinese New Year, my grandmother made it a point to host a family reunion dinner. Not just any reunion dinner either; a steamboat reunion dinner.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t take no for an answer. Out of all 5 times I tried to escape her nefarious scheme, I succeeded only once, and that was when I timed – I mean sadly had to undertake an urgent flight to Kazakhstan for… certain reasons.

So yeah, I guess I’m going to have to go again. In around 2-3 months’ time.

But reunion dinners might not be that bad.

For one, the atmosphere’s pretty vibrant, even if my relatives had a nasty habit of knowing about my relationship status. For the last time, no auntie I don’t have one. Dammit.

For two, I get to see my grandma.

That tough old woman’s been taking care of me in my mother’s stead since I was shitting my diapers, and I can personally vouch for all the times she fed me, clothed me, bullied me and laughed at me wickedly while I dashed around the house trying to avoid her golden cane.

Yeah, she was an evil woman. But what can I say? She’s my grandma. Blood’s thicker than water.

Although I do question that notion at times.

For three, the food’s pretty good. Nostalgic, even.

See, I always thought that my grandma was a great cook. Honestly. The stuff she cooked up were so aromatic, so appetising that I actually compared her to Gordon Ramsay when I was fourteen.

Then I realised; the Michelin fare she had been preparing for me over the years might not be entirely down to her cooking skills. Rather, it could just be the quality of the source: frozen food.

Yet strangely I wasn’t really that surprised either: I somehow always had this feeling that she’s too foul-mouthed to ever be a decent cook. Don’t tell her I said that though.

Anyway, every Chinese New Year, she will without doubt purchase the same brand for dinner.


Now, I’m not sure if you had this brand for your steamboat, but I had. For years.

It even got to a point where I’m getting real sick of seeing this guy.

But their food is just so good. For the record, I love their cuttlefish and prawn balls.

Sho good. And the paste’s just… heavenly.  Add it to youtiao and voila, a winner’s born. All-time Singapore favourite there, yo.

But did you know that apart from all the standard cuttlefish balls, prawn balls, Samosas and paste, Seawaves actually offers other varieties of food?

Never knew? Well, it’s never too late to find out.

Frozen Seafood

Yeah, Seawaves offers frozen seafood!

Image: seawaves.com.sg
Image: seawaves.com.sg


Never knew, eh? But wait, there’s more.


That’s right; dumplings, Korean styled dumplings.

Seawaves has delved into the dumpling market as well, and may I just comment how ravishing they look?


Alright it might just be the packaging, but I’m pretty damn sure that the contents are going to look as fabulous too.

And they even have catered ones for the spice-loving Singaporeans!

Image: Seawaves

Eager for a visual test run? Easy; just picture GoChuJang Korean Sauce in a wholesome Seawaves dumpling. The taste’s bombastically similar to that!

On a related note, damn… that’s one hot fiesta waiting for you.



And who could possibly forget about abalone?!


Image: seawaves.com.sg
Image: seawaves.com.sg
Image: seawaves.com.sg

Who ever knew that abalone could look so good?

Forget your classic sun and moon brands; just get yours from Seawaves!

It has been around for quite some time

Seawaves Frozen Food Pte Ltd was actually founded in 1982 by their director, Mr William Tang, who pioneered the origination of cuttlefish balls/paste into the local market.

Thereafter, his son Zachary Tang took over the reins. The heir succeeded his father’s passion to continue providing quality and premium products, and has led Seawaves Frozen Food to greater heights.

Well, how do I put this…

Thank you, Mr Tang, for being the pioneer of one of the tastiest things on Earth. Ever.

And thank you, Mr Tang Jr., for spreading the love to more people on Earth.

Your efforts will always be appreciated by all the ball-loving people.

On a side note, I finally realise why I’m not successful yet.

It’s because my surname’s not Tang.


Follow their specially crafted recipes

Just starting out? Eager to test that frying pan? Unsure about the exact way to go about it?

Don’t worry, for Seawaves got your back.

With an e-cookbook option on their website, you have a number of recipes to pick from!

Image: seawaves.com.sg

Head down to their website to find out more!

Seawaves can be found in many places

Seawaves can actually be found in Singapore, Australia, U.S.A., Japan, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia.

So don’t worry if you’re out of town for the new year! As long as you’re in one of the listed countries above, you’re reasonably safe.

Just hop by the local supermarket, get yourself a pack of Seawaves’ cuttlefish balls and you’re all set to relive that classic Singaporean nostalgia!

It made the thumbs up logo cool

Thought Facebook made the thumbs up cool?

You’re wrong.


So how did Seawaves come up with their trademark gesture?

Apparently in the early days, Seawaves only supplied to restaurants and their cuttlefish balls soon built up good reputation among the chefs. The appreciative Chinese chefs would then say ”很好“ (“hen hao”), which means “very good,” and gesture with a thumbs up, which in Chinese means “you’re number one.”

Subsequently, it chose to adopt the thumbs up logo as it “expresses their commitment to consistently deliver premium products and a service quality that will leave our customers with everlasting impressions.

It uses only the best quality ingredients

Yeah I know every brand says that. Some bankrupt firms used to parade it as their life motto, and look what happened to them now.

But Seawaves is different.

Every year, I would have the same ol’ cuttlefish balls. Every year, my eyes will light up, and my lips will mouth “Oh, sho good.

You know what they say: “It’s luck if it happens consecutively for two times; it’s mastery if it happens consecutively for more than three times.”

And Seawaves has done it over, and over again, to the point where I’m a firm follower of their cuttlefish balls.

Just listen to their director’s vision too:

“Mr Tang has always believed that only the best raw ingredients can bring out the superiority and true potential of the product.

“Passion, fostering teamwork and good working relationships are the keys to produce food of outstanding quality.

“We believe in providing good quality food and good services to everyone.”

It doesn’t just ship to supermarkets

Apart from the standard supermarkets, Seawaves also supplies to wet markets, hotels, restaurants, caterers, ship chandlers and food courts.

So yeah, Seawaves’ everywhere.


For all you know, if you’re reading this while waiting for your food in a restaurant now, you could be having a Seawaves food soon.

New flavours all day, every day

But Seawaves are not resting on their laurels just yet, as it recently released a new flavour that will surely get you all hyped up.

Cheesy Swirl Cuttlefish balls.

Image: Seawaves

With smoked cheese hiding inside those protective cuttlefish balls, these delicacies are an absolute treat to behold. And did I mention that the cheesy flavour is infused with BBQ smoke that brings out the smoke cheese aroma?

Image: Buzzfeed

We got to try it while filming for a video, and guess what? We nearly quarreled because everyone just want one more of these balls.


Well… guess who’s heading back for reunion dinner?

On a related note, Grandma…

Please prepare some Cheezy Swirl Cuttlefish Balls?

Pretty please?

This article was first published on goodyfeed.com and is written in collaboration with Seawaves

*All images from seawaves.com.sg unless otherwise stated.