10 interesting things you can do with socks besides wearing them

Unless you’re a tribal native living in Uganda, you would have worn socks at one point or another in your life.

Image: Zumiez

(Pink frosted sprinkled donuts. Sho cute)

But did you know that there are other uses for them, other than cloaking your smelly feet?

Without further ado, here are not 5, not 8 but 10 interesting things you can do with your rotten old socks!


Your socks can be used to keep…

Golf or tennis balls.



Monopoly game pieces. 


And many more.

In other words, Socks are basically the storage devices you never knew you had!

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Although we highly recommend that you use clean socks for this one.

Because… reasons.


Why waste paper towels or even a good ol’ eraser, when you can just use your sock to clean all that marker ink off your dry erase board?

Image: businessinsider

Other uses include…

DIY Cleaning rags: just cut old socks apart to create cleaning rags. Best part? No guilt dirtying them at all!

Dusting: A sock doesn’t just protect your feet; it also traps dirt, hair and dust on appliances, tables, blinds and anything else that requires cleaning. So use a sock to get those pesky particles outta the way!


Image: Pinterest

Socks could be fashion accessories or even play toys for your pets!

Dog sweater: Morph a large, rumply old sock into a total fashionista gadget for your smaller-sized canine! And it doesn’t require much effort either. Here’s a pretty reliable instructional video.

Cat toy: Cats are infamous for being pretty hard to please, but here’s a simple hack. Fill a clean old sock with some catnip and boom, your cat’ll be entertained for hours on end. Seduction’s never been so easy.

And did I mention that you can totally get creative with it too?

Dog toy: Dogs are arguably friendlier critters than their feline counterparts, but they still need toys when you’re not around.

So say hi to dog toys made out of socks!

To make it, simply fill a sock with surplus socks rolled into balls, secure it with a shoe lace and ta-dah, your dog’s all set for a trip to town with its new favourite toy! Alternatively, you can also insert a treat or chew stick inside.


With the snowy festive occasion coming up (minus the snow because it’s Singapore), there’s no better time to put your socks to good use!

How, exactly? Well, for one, you can…

Make a Sock snowman!

Image: Scott Barlow / Flickr

You can create one out of a white sock, white rice, googly eyes, bits of felt and white pom poms, plus 3 clear hair elastics.

Here are some instructions.

Wrapped wine bottles. For the Christmas season

Image: 1dogwoof.com

You’ll need a sock for this one, preferably one with a winter-inspired pattern. Simply wrap a wine bottle with it and tie a ribbon at the top, and you’ve got the perfect Christmas gift.

Christmas ornaments

Image: Stichlily / Flickr

Make adorable DIY sock ornaments by wrapping a budget store Styrofoam ball with a Christmas-themed sock.

Socks never looked so cute before!


And let’s not forget the kids. Annoying and noisy as they are, they deserve some socky love too.

No, I don’t mean socking them in the face. Although that’s a lil’ bit tempting.

Just kidding.

Washing your baby… sock-style

Instead of those scratchy wash cloths that come second only to sandpaper, use a clean sock to wash your child. Trust me, it’s a lot softer.

How did I know? That’s for you to know, and for me to find out. Anyways, just place it over your hand and lather up. Slick, easy and socky.

Baby rattles

Kids love entertainment, and baby rattles are your best bet.

Only bad part? They aren’t really designed to be snacks (although your tot seems to think otherwise), and leave scratches on furniture when brushed against (again, your tot seems to think otherwise).

Save your poor furniture by creating a baby rattle made out of socks. It ain’t that complicated either: all you need are a jingle bell, stuffing and an old sock.

Best part? It doesn’t require much sewing, can be chewed on (although we still advise your baby not to, for health reasons) and wouldn’t scratch furniture even if your baby goes on a rampage.

#savethefurniture #babiesarescary

Sock puppets

Lalalala lalalala

Elmo’s world (elmo’s world)

Ah, memories.

But don’t let it be a distant past, because you can create your own Elmo with a sock.

Nope, I’m not socking you.

Image: Pinterest

These puppets will entertain everyone, even your 80-year-old Grandma who has never watched a single episode of Sesame Street before.

Image: Wikipedia

But then again, when have puppets ever gone wrong?

Sock animals

Nevertheless, if you’re not a fan of puppets, why not try your hand at these sock animals instead?

Image: Craftgossip.com

Apart from being impossibly cute, they are also pretty fluffy. Cute and fluffy.

And pandas are not the only options either; penguins and sloths are more than possible too! Check here for more ideas.

DIY Doll clothes

What do you know? You can dress your doll up in socks!

No, not just the feet. I meant it in the sense that you cut a sock in the right places and garb it over your doll.

No, dammit it’s not just the feet. Arghhhh just check it out for yourself!

Image: Target

See? You can’t really tell, but the entire outfit was created from socks.

Still don’t believe me? Alright I’ve had enough. Check it out for yourself here.


Yeah, your sock can be a weapon too.

Of course, it won’t exactly be one capable of mass destruction, but knocking out a dude or two should be fine.

Best of all, nobody will see it coming. Literally.

All you gotta do is fill the aforementioned sock with nuts, bolts, pennies… basically any hard or heavy object you can fit into the sock.

If you’re in danger, just swing.

Image: Imgflip

Sock bun

This one’s for the girls (although guys can do it for their manbuns too).

Now, a ballet bun’s easy to do. Making the perfect ballet bun, however, is a different case.

However, times have changed. With mankind’s invention of socks, the perfect ballet bun is no longer a myth.

Image: Daniel E. Lee / Flickr

All you gotta do is cut the toe portion of the sock off and roll up the sock till it looks like a donut. Thereafter, form a pony tail with your hair, roll the donut down your hair and secure.

You can check out some DIY tutorials on Youtube.

So there you have it guys, 10 things you can do with your socks, apart from forcing them to smell your stinky feet.

Who ever knew that socks were so versatile?

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