10 Jobs We Will All Love to Have But Isn’t as Easy as We Think


There are some jobs that just seems oh-so-glamorous and easy especially when compared to our dull, boring nine-to-five jobs.

Admit it. No matter how happy you are with your current job, there will be times when you look at that singer on TV or Joseph Schooling going to the toilet and be envious of them.

But are these jobs really as awesome as we think? Here are some jobs that sound and look like it will be a blast but aren’t actually as good as we think.

1. Actor/Actress

Image: straitstimes.com
Image: straitstimes.com

Lights, camera, action! Those beautiful stars we always see on the silver screen seem to be living the life and raking in the cash.

All you have to do is look pretty, learn your lines and learn how to be another person. Formal training to be one isn’t essential but it sure helps. And to get a foot in to the door, you will need years of hard work and often, luck before you catch your big break.

If you do get famous, be prepared for the endless scrutiny in the public eye, demanding physical performances and the harsh critics.

2. Professional Athletes

Image: straitstimes.com
Image: straitstimes.com

If you love sports and have a natural talent for it, it seems that the logical next step would be to go professional.

But it takes years of gruelling practice to be in top form and performing your best at every match in the hopes that you might catch the eye of a talent scout.

The odds are slim, to put it kindly.

3. Musician

Image: Cilla Chan
Image: Cilla Chan

Similar to being an actor/actress, breaking into the entertainment industry requires a lot of blood, sweat and tears.

It may seem easier now, with social media helping you to make your solo singing performances go viral but to be a household name you have to put in the hours.

It isn’t as simple as pouring your heart and soul into your music and singing a few songs, there will be bouts of unemployment with no money coming in.

4. Pilot

Image: digitalsenior.sg
Image: digitalsenior.sg

Thanks to Hong Kong’s TVB drama series Triumph in the Skies, being a pilot has never been cooler. Imagine flying off to new and exotic locations for free and being paid to do it.

However, new pilots need to rake up their flying hours before they are allowed to fly long distance and they need to undergo years of training before being qualified to be a pilot.

You are also responsible for hundreds of lives and anything can happen in the sky, like malfunctions and hijacking.

5. Model

Image: herworldplus.com
Image: herworldplus.com

Models are beautiful, tall, slim and basically drooled over by most humans.


What’s not to like? The pressure to stay constantly slim and beautiful is immense and you are always being judged on your appearance, even when you have your off days and just want to lounge around in your sweats.

Many models cannot stand the pressure and often end up with anorexia and bulimia in order to conform to the industry’s beauty standards.

6. Blogger

This may seem to be the life, all you have to do is churn out a few blog posts and that’s it. Plus, you get to work from home, whenever you want.

However, you have to be very disciplined and produce quality posts that people actually want to read if not you will lose your followers.

Writing a blog post isn’t easy either, you have to edit your own photos, go for numerous events and always try to meet demands of the public and the company you are writing for.


7. Artist

Image: herworldplus.com
Image: herworldplus.com

Want to be the next Picasso or Da Vinci? Or perhaps modern art is more your thing?

The expression starving artist was invented for a reason and it still holds true today.

Some art might seem so simple that even a toddler can do it but you have to wait until someone comes along and really knows how to appreciate your art.

In the meantime, it might be better to stay at your day job.

8. Fashion Designer

Image: flightcentre.com.au
Image: flightcentre.com.au

You have a passion for creating works of art that are also known as clothes. But the road to the major runways is not easy, often you have to start at the very bottom before you even have the chance to actually design your own clothes.

9. Photographer

Image: blog.dazza.sg
Image: dazza.sg

Walking around with our camera and shooting stunning views, animals or people seems like a dream come true. But you need to be behind the scenes to really appreciate the hard work and effort that is needed to produce these gorgeous pictures.


You are constantly at the mercy of the elements, diva-like behaviour from your models, or in the dangerous wild.

10. Entrepreneur

Starting your own business sounds good on paper, and you get to be your own boss. Dozens of entrepreneurs have made it big and there’s no reason you can’t be the next one.

Ultimately, all the important decisions fall on you and your partners (if you have them) and it isn’t like a normal nine-to-five job.

You will eat, sleep and breathe your company 24 hours a day in the beginning and think of new ways to overcome the many, many obstacles you will encounter along the route to success.

Featured Image: YouTube (Cilla Chan)


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