10 lies S’pore Kids Used to Tell Their Parents When They Want to Go Clubbing Without Them Knowing


Last Updated on 2018-07-26 , 4:34 pm

Remember that underage party you went to or when you turned 18 and you went on a massive clubbing spree by checking your attendance at the clubs weekly?

ALL without your strict parents knowing.

I mean, they can’t know right?

Here are 10 lies you can recap when we want to go chiong without them knowing. Well, now you hope you need to lie, but alas: you’re now so old, no one cares anymore.

Stay-over at friend’s house
This is the perfect lie you can use. Pack your bags, head over to your friend’s house, change and head to the club. Your parents will have no doubts about you. You can even give them your friend’s number and let your parents check with them to prove that you’re staying over. Of course, your friend has to lie to them too. Good friends always help each other.

Going out to study until late night
This is the next best lie you used. Your parents can’t reject you when it’s all for ‘studying.’ You’ll pack your bag, but not with books. You then head out to the club, leaving your parents thinking you were really going to study.

Going to chalet for friend’s birthday
This is one of the top few lies you ever came up with. It’s a friend’s birthday, your parents will have to let you go, right?

Going out for late night movie
You’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone. Not only can you go out to chiong, you don’t have to secretly change outside after leaving the house. You can wear your fancy clubbing clothes out since you said that you’re heading out for a movie. Bang! Easy as a piece of cake.

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Going out for supper
You tell your parents that you’re heading out for supper with a few friends, and you ask them to head to bed first. All goes smoothly, except that you were never at that supper. Or maybe you were: after you’re done clubbing.

Night cycling
For this lie, it’s a bit of a trouble. But since you have used every other lie before, you decided you’ll have to go with this one. You have to be dressed in that sporty attire, and even bring your bicycle out. Well, if you’re a good cyclist, you might as well cycle to the club and back home afterwards.

Getaway at a nearby country
You told your parents you were going Malaysia or Batam for 2D1N or even a few days. This is the best lie and the closest to freedom. You’re free to go clubbing for two days straight. Also, you won’t be disturbed as parents still think that overseas calls are costly (FYI it’s not).

Going out to chill
You don’t really give a detailed elaboration of what you were going to do. Your parents might be thinking you went to McDonald’s or some café to chill. But who knew.

Friend in hospital or in trouble
You lie to your parents that you were going to a hospital to visit your injured friend or that your friend is in some trouble and needed your help. But of course, you need to apologise to your friend whom you cursed on.

Don’t worry, I’m not going clubbing
This is the last lie you had to come up with because you’ve run out of ideas. You give them some assurance and pretend like you have no intention to go to the club.


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