10 local celebrities we all have a crush on when we were young


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 3:32 pm

Back in the 90s, kids rarely use the internet, and unlike the kids of today, we had to make do with our local stars back then because all we watched were Channel 8 and Channel 5 shows. We’ll rush through our homework, or rush home from school to catch our favourite drama or variety shows on time.

Here are 10 local celebrities which we all had a crush on back when we were young. If you’re a 90s kid, are these in your list as well?

Christopher Lee
A Singapore-based actor born in Malaysia, Lee has appeared in numerous television dramas and films – including ‘The Wedding Game’, a 2009 romantic-comedy film starring Lee and real-life couple Fann Wong. Lee was convicted for being involved in a hit-and-run road accident back in 2006, and served a six-week sentence at Queenstown Remand Prison. Lee managed to secure a position among the Top 10 Male Artistes in the Star Awards 2006 despite the incident, and was even awarded the coveted “All-Time Favourite Artiste Award” in 2010.

Vincent Ng
A former Singaporean actor, Ng has since left MediaCorp in November 2007 to focus on his career in martial arts. The World Wushu Champion and three-time SEA Games Gold Medalist martial artist was nominated for the Spirit of Enterprise Award in recognition for his work in Wushu training, and also founded his own martial arts school Wufang Singapore in 2004.

Qi Yu Wu
Born in Guangdong, China – Qi previously worked as a model before signing as a contracted artist under MediaCorp. Qi played the role of Guan Yin, a mute son of a seamstress in the Singaporean musical-comedy-drama film 881. Qi started dating fellow MediaCorp Joanne Peh in 2013, where the couple got married a year later and welcomed their baby girl on 7 August 2015.

Pierre Png
Png often appeared on several Channel 5 productions when he first started his acting career as a contracted artist under MediaCorp. Png made his debut appearance on television in the Singapore sitcom Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd alongside veterans including Gurmit Singh and Irene Ang.

Zheng Geping
Okay, this isn’t in the 90s, but in respect for the drool-worthy body he has now, we thought we’ll just add him in. Zheng is a Singaporean actor who is married to fellow MediaCorp artiste Hong Huifang. Zheng, who just entered his fifties, has a manly body desired by many, and a solid six-pack that puts many guys to shame.

Chances are, you’re reading this on your mobile phone or computer screen while lying in bed, while the former chef and Taekwondo instructor works out in the gym. “I should be able to be half as fit as this man when I reach his age, right,” you ask.

Fann Wong
Fann managed to break into the Hollywood scene, playing Chon Lin in the 2003 film Shanghai Knights, working alongside acclaimed stars including Jackie Chan. Fann married Christopher Lee in 2009 after an eight-year relationship, and welcomed their baby boy Zed on August 9 2014.

Zoe Tay
Starting out as a model at the age of sixteen, Tay then went on to be crowned Champion of the inaugural Star Search in 1988. She is the first Singaporean actress to be awarded the prestigious All-Time Favourite Artiste Award. As a veteran actress, Tay has also been dubbed the indisputable Queen of Caldecott Hill.

Ivy Lee
A three-time winner of the highly-coveted “Star Awards for Best Actress”, Lee is a notable Singaporean former actress. Her commendable acting skills comes as a talent, as you probably would not have guessed that she holds a Diploma in Biomedical Science after graduating from Singapore Polytechnic in 1993. Despite being in the entertainment industry for many years, Lee has since left the television screen and moved to Hong Kong with her husband and their four children.

Jacelyn Tay
Tay won the female category of the fourth bi-annual Star Search Competition organised by MediaCorp in 1995, and even went to give up on her studies and focus on her career as an actress. A downfall in year 2000 saw Tay declare bankruptcy after owing a huge sum of money to a stockbroking firm. She has since moved on further in life, and in 2006 become the founder & current chief executive of The Health Club, a medical spa.

Huang Biren
Huang is yet another Singaporean actress who decided to give up her studies and enter the entertainment industry. Initially due to study at Hawaii Pacific University, Huang chose to pursue a career in acting when Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (now MediaCorp) offered her a contract in 1988. Often dubbed the Meryl Steep of MediaCorp, Huang is applauded for her acting skills and has garnered largely positive responses from viewers. She has since left MediaCorp back in 2008, and only recently returned to the industry to take on projects on an ad hoc basis as a freelance actress.