10 Local Celebrities Who Used to Capture S’poreans’ Hearts with Their Talents & Not Their IG


Last Updated on 2023-04-23 , 11:17 am

With the abundance of Mediacorp actors and dramas nowadays, it’s common to struggle with recognizing each actor’s face and role. Adding to the confusion are the new media celebrities, aka influencers, vying for our attention as well.

Despite this, the striking celebrities from the past who once reigned as kings or queens of Caldecott Hill will forever remain ingrained in our memories. They were the true influencers of their time.

Wong Li Ling

image: alchetron.com

Formerly a ballerina who studied in England, the celebrity has been pretty quiet on the radar for a long time, being on the news only for her separation from her husband Allan Wu as well as her daughter and son.

Vincent Ng

image: AsiaOne.com

Having an impressive martial arts background, Vincent Ng is now no longer acting, instead concentrating on running his own martial arts school.

We definitely miss his suave roles as both a wuxia hero and also a policeman! Good news for those hardcore fans, he has returned to the showbiz scene as reported back in 2022.

Chen Li Ping

Besides being Aiyoyo Teacher to the 90s kids, she was also known for her role as a volleyballer in The Winning Team (1990). So now you know, she wasn’t always the chubby Mo WanWan in Holland V.

Fiona Xie

image: IMDb.com

Best known for her bubbly character in the sitcom My Genie, the actress used to have an innocent childlike charm that captured the hearts of Singaporeans everywhere. Nowadays, she is much more reclusive, posting hipster photos on Instagram.

However, she did make it big on the world stage after nabbing a role in the renowned film Crazy Rich Asians.

Christopher Lee

image: AsiaOne.com

The rugged actor undeniably has the looks and acting calibre, so we are still quite confused as to why he had to chase Fann Wong for 8 years, though the latter is also admittedly gorgeous.


Aileen Tan

image: IMDb.com

Although the actress has been taking on supporting roles in recent times, she was actually the girl of many guys’ dreams in the past. Having been active since 1988, her striking good looks captured many hearts in her younger days.

Xiang Yun

image: IMDb.com

Did you know that her original name was Chen Cui Chang? The actress is also known as the first Ah Jie (yes, before Zoe Tay and Fann Wong appeared), bearing testament to her ability to sweep us away.

Huang Bi Ren

image: straitstimes.com

Besides having excellent acting chops, she is also still quite the beauty even after having three children. Unlike other actresses, this Ah Jie is a freelance actress, and therefore has not been receiving any participation in any Star Awards.

Chew Chor Meng

image: IMDb.com

Best-known for his role as Lobang King, the comedian-actor captured hearts with both his wit and boyish good looks back in the days. We are also sure that he has a beautiful soul, since he is nowadays known for battling his debilitating illness by taking on inspirational roles and participating in the local disabled sports scene.

Ryan Choo

image; AsiaOne.com

He took on the role of a metrosexual “Yan Dao” in “Right Frequency”. Though he always failed to get the girls he was chasing, we are pretty sure he got the hearts of many female TV watchers. Here’s the theme soundtrack of the TV drama just for a bit of nostalgia!